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Can you grow hostas in pots

Can you grow hostas in pots

If you are a hostas lover and have a limitation of space one question must come to your mind. That question is can you grow hostas in pots? The simple and short answer is yes, of course you can. Growing hostas in pots can be a delightful and rewarding experience...
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Heating Greenhouse With Candles

How To Heat A Greenhouse For Free : Heating Greenhouse With Candles

When the winter season approaches fast, the thing that comes to each greenhouse gardener’s mind is to take the necessary preparation and care measures for their greenhouse’s beloved trees. The greenhouse is a fantastic technique that allows us to garden over the years. But there is a catch too. In...
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DIY greenhouse cooling wall

DIY Greenhouse Cooling Wall : Greenhouse Swamp Cooler Making 101

When it comes to controlling greenhouse temperature, we understand how hard it is to keep the climate under control. More importantly, it takes a considerable amount of investment and monthly basis cost to ensure the optimal temperature for your greenhouse. Choosing an effective evaporative cooling system can help you to...
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heating greenhouse with water barrels

Way of heating Greenhouse With Water Barrels: Thermal Mass Greenhouse

We often use electricity as a primary source to heat the internal area of greenhouses during the winter. But how about using a natural option? One of the most common items is utilizing water barrels.Water drums will cover a small or moderate portion of space in your greenhouse. But they...
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DIY Pallet Greenhouse

DIY Pallet Greenhouse: How To Build A Pallet Greenhouse

Making a greenhouse is not a piece of cake, especially if you are doing it for the first time. More importantly, it costs a significant amount of money as you need a wide range of materials. But if you have access to lots of pallets, you can cut down the...
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Koi Pond in Greenhouse

Koi Pond in Greenhouse: Can You Have a Koi Pond in Greenhouse

Are you wondering if you can have a koi pond in a greenhouse? There are several benefits to this decision, and also some not-so-great points. However, if you have set your mind to have a koi pond in greenhouse, this is the perfect article for you! Here, I am going...
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DIY Greenhouse Guttering

DIY Greenhouse Guttering: How To Fit Gutter On Greenhouse

After implementing a sophisticated plan, when we have finally created a greenhouse, it is time to take care of the plants properly. One of them is watering the plants regularly. If the greenhouse is a little bit bulky, we need a decent amount of water. This will eventually lead to...
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How To Build A Geothermal Greenhouse

How To Build A Geothermal Greenhouse: DIY Geothermal Heating

Water and soil under our garden and backyard area have a massive amount of thermal energy. This energy can easily convert into heat. This heat can be utilized to maintain the day and nighttime temperature fluctuation within a greenhouse .Also, it allows usto maintain a healthy humidity level throughout the...
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How To Build A Tropical Greenhouse

How To Build A Tropical Greenhouse: 10 Rules Of Thump To Follow

When it comes to building a tropical greenhouse, considering some important factors is necessary.  Those factors areover design, ideal temperature, ventilation system, proper sunlight, proper mulching, and so forth. Since the tropical atmosphere is more likely to create an increased moisture environment, you need to ensure an ideal moisture level....
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Is Wood Ash Good For Garden

Is Wood Ash Good For Garden: When we can use it

Wood ash is a kind of cheap organic fertilizer that I have always liked to use in my garden. If you have a fire pit set in your backyard then that is always an advantage for your garden. Because then you can get wood ash from your fireplace ash and...
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Why do squirrels dig garden

Why do squirrels dig garden: Reasons and Prevention

The problem with the garden squirrel is that they destroy the garden plants and digs a lot of holes inside the garden. If you are facing the same problem then let me know that you are not the only one. I face the same problem in my garden and try...
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how to save a dying fern

how to save a dying fern: proven way for 3 basic varieties

I always prefer fern as one of my most favorite indoor plant. Ferns are not used only for medicinal purposes, but they are the most recommended plants for beautification. They are flowerless ornamental plants that can live up to 100 years. Ferns have a widespread distribution, so expect to see...
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how do mealy bugs spread from plant to plant

How do mealy bugs spread from plant to plant : 6 main reason

If you are reading this post that means there is a high chance that you are already concerned about mealy bugs that are destroying your garden. In the majority of cases we try almost everything to control this pest. But after some period of time they again come to our...
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Why Patio Furniture So Expensive

Why Patio Furniture So Expensive : 7 Main Reasons

Due to the rapid demand for outdoor products, many retailers are now making different varieties of patio furniture. Most homeowners are caught up in the craze to spruce out their backyards with beautiful designs patio furniture like regular stylist lounger or hammock chair types of furniture. Hence go for the...
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how to spread topsoil over existing lawn

How to Spread Topsoil Over Existing Lawn: 5 Simple Steps

The overall benefits of top soiling for existing lawn and garden are enormous. Because topsoil has a better soil structure and microbes build-up that is very good for garden and lawn plant. It is not surprising that some smart gardeners have relied on top dressing to get a better looking...
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How to Get Rid of Slugs on Hostas

How to Get Rid of Slugs on Hostas: Prevention and Home Remedies

Growing and managing hostas is fun until you find yourself trying to save your hostas from slugs. And while there are not many articles online that talk about getting rid of slugs on hostas, you will find yourself appreciating our guide. In this article, we will talk about how to...
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how to Grow a Mango Tree Indoors

How to grow a mango tree indoors

Mangoes are one of the many blessings summers bring for us, and there is a reason why they are called the “king of fruits.” Thanks to them being rich, sweet, luscious, juicy, and delicious, they are widely cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical climates.The best time to plant a mango is...
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How to Repot a Succulent

How to Repot a Succulent : 3 Repotting Technique

Normally houseplants boost our mood and positive energy. Having little beautiful succulents would make your short visits to your balcony more worthwhile, calm, and satisfying in your home. But the most challenging fact about growing succulent is their repotting system. In most of the cases succulents died because most of...
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How to Use a Subsoiler

How to Use a Subsoiler : Basic of Subsoiling Techniques

Wondering how to use a Subsoiler properly and when to use it? You’re just in the right place because that’s what we will be sharing in this article. Not to mention, subsoiling is the latest trend in farming to tackle soil compaction in particular. The plowing implement can modify soil...
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How to Plant a Japanese Maple

How To Plant A Japanese Maple: 2 Proven Technique

Do you want to plant a beautiful and colorful tree to enhance the beauty of your lawn or patio? Then a Japanese maple tree could be an excellent choice for that. Maples are known and liked vastly for their sizes, different colors, beautiful leaves, etc. From about three feet long...
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how to use grow lights

How to Use Grow Lights: Detail Expert Guideline

Are you interested in indoor growing but don’t know how to use grow lights? Don’t worry about the technicalities. It’s quite easy, as long as you carefully read this article. Back in the days, people used to grow whatever they want in their back yard. It’s because they had ample...
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How To Grow Arugula

How To Grow Arugula : In Your Garden/ Containers and Hydroponically

Wondering how to grow arugula in the comfort of your own yard or windowsill? Look no further! In this article, we talked about growing arugula from seeds to the harvest, presenting not only how to do it in your garden, but also in a container and with a hydroponic system....
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How to Grow Garlic from Clove

How to Grow Garlic from Clove: 3 Super Effective Methods

Garlic is used to cook almost every important dish because garlic helps to enhance the taste of dishes. As it help cure a different kind of diseases, it has a lot of health benefits too. Thought we could purchase it from any nearby grocery but still some people prefer to...
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How to Plant Iris Bulbs

How to Plant Iris Bulbs : 5 Step To Get Desired Result

On contrary to common belief, planting Iris bulbs is pretty easy. These plants are very popular with florists due to their vibrant colors, long life and easy planting methods. Usually known as the Dutch Iris, this purple flower plant has long, strong and straight stems, almost like green onions. Their...
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How to grow ground cherries

How to Grow and Plant Ground Cherries

Do you look for an easy-to-grow plant for your garden that needs less hassle to grow? Then you should think about growing ground cherries in your garden. Ground Cherrie is also known as strawberry tomato, husk tomato.  The best part is it’s not only easy to grow but also very...
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How to Grow Kohlrabi

How to Grow Kohlrabi : Expert Guide and Tips

Kohlrabi, also known as the German turnip or turnip cabbage, is a hardy biennial plant that is usually grown as an annual plant. The plant belongs to the kale and cabbage family but tastes similar to a turnip. For most of you, Kohlrabi will be a novelty vegetable that you...
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How to Grow Leeks

How to Grow Leeks : Tips and Detail Guide

“Leeks” – the word itself may not sound very appetizing as a vegetable but has been used in local cuisines widely. It’s a great alternative to onions and scallions for hundreds of years! Leeks possess high nutrition that makes them a preferred ingredient for renowned chefs. It also has many...
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How to grow hibiscus from seed

How to Grow Hibiscus from Seed

For anyone who’s health-conscious and at the same time fond of flowers and gardening, hibiscus is bound to be at the top of their favorite planting list. Not only do hibiscus plants add more color and beauty to our garden, but also we can drink hibiscus tea for vital health...
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How to Grow Lion’s Mane Mushroom

How To Grow Lion’s Mane Mushroom In Bag

Lion’s mane mushroom also known as Hericium Erinaceus is becoming more and more popular day by day. Well, there are various reasons for that. This kind of mushroom is really tasty. And it also has medicinal value.  It is now being studied to help prevent dementia and anxiety. Lion’s mane also helps you to...
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How to raise praying mantis in the garden

How to Raise Praying Mantis in The Garden

The praying mantis is one of the most beneficial insects to have in your garden. It is an adored predator that eats most of the pests, mites, and eggs in your garden. Hence, most gardeners like to grow their own praying mantises in order to get rid of problematic pests...
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How to Attract Ladybugs to Garden

How to Attract Ladybugs to Garden 🌿🐞

Ladybugs are considered a symbol of organic farming. They are one of the most beneficial insects farmers can have in their gardens. They not only make your garden look pleasing but have a voracious appetite for plant-eating pests and insects like scales, mites, leafhoppers mealy bugs, aphids, and lots more....
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How to convert kitchen waste into compost

How to convert kitchen waste into compost

Nearly all of the food scraps including stale bread, grains, coffee grounds, tea bags, meal leftovers, fruit and vegetable waste, and general refrigerator spoilage goes into the trash box. What most people don’t know is that recycling, segregating and composting can reduce waste from 1000 kgs to only 100 kgs....
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How to Fertilize Vegetable Garden After Planting

🥕🍅 How to Fertilize Vegetable Garden After Planting

Plants need light, moisture and nutrients to grow properly. Creating healthy soil with all the required nutrients is the key to producing a healthy harvest. If you feel that your plants and crops are not growing well, you might want to look into fertilizing them. Usually, people use manure, compost...
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How to hang a bug zapper

How To Hang And Where To Place A Bug Zapper

One of the most unpleasant things that during the summer night we have to face is our back yard and garden full of flying insects and mosquitoes that are bothering us continuously. We have no clue how we can get rid of them. In order to get ride insects from...
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How to control humidity in greenhouse

How to control humidity in greenhouse

Greenhouse gardening is an entertaining task to do. At the same time, it’s also challenging to grow plants in the greenhouse. One of the most challenging tasks is to control humidity in the greenhouse. If the humidity level of a greenhouse increase then it has several negative effects. On the...
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air plant care guide

Ultimate Air Plant Care Guide And Tips

There are around 391,000 plants species already exist in this world. Every year scientist discovers around 2000 new species. Among all of those species, some are very special. Today we will talk about one of the special plant named “Tillandsia”. Tillandsia is mostly known as “air plant”. They are called...
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