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How to Fertilize Vegetable Garden After Planting

🥕🍅 How to Fertilize Vegetable Garden After Planting

Plants need light, moisture and nutrients to grow properly. Creating healthy soil with all the required nutrients is the key to producing a healthy harvest. If you feel that your plants and crops are not growing well, you might want to look into fertilizing them. Usually, people use manure, compost or fertilizers to add the...
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How to hang a bug zapper

How To Hang And Where To Place A Bug Zapper

One of the most unpleasant things that during the summer night we have to face is our back yard and garden full of flying insects and mosquitoes that are bothering us continuously. We have no clue how we can get rid of them. In order to clear the yard from these insects, people can try...
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How to control humidity in greenhouse

How to control humidity in greenhouse

Greenhouse gardening is an entertaining task to do. At the same time, it’s also challenging to grow plants in the greenhouse. One of the most challenging tasks is to control humidity in the greenhouse. If the humidity level of a greenhouse increase then it has several negative effects. On the other hand, if the humidity...
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air plant care guide

Ultimate Air Plant Care Guide And Tips

There are around 391,000 plants species already exist in this world. Every year scientist discovers around 2000 new species. Among all of those species, some are very special. Today we will talk about one of the special plant named “Tillandsia”. Tillandsia is mostly known as “air plant”. They are called air plant because they are...
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