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Best garden seeder:Top 6 seeder for smart gardener

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient way to spread seeds or fertilizer on your farm, there is no better way to do it rather than using a garden seeder. These seeders have been specifically designed to allow accurate and precise planting of seeds and the spreading of fertilizers. It is one of the many tools that has helped gardeners improve their yield over time. The best garden seeder makes the task faster and more convenient. Hence, the gardeners have time to focus on other aspects of the garden as well.

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Every tool is designed based on a hopper capacity; thus, you get to choose the one that suits your needs. Thanks to their massive popularity, there are a plethora of different grass seeders available on the market. We have listed down the six best garden seeders and reviewed them for your ease. In case you want to invest in something else, go through the buying guide. 

Best garden seeder reviews

We always, divide our whole review section into some subcategory. So that our readers can easily pick up their require one without wasting their time. So here is the subcategory for this review.

  1. Overall Best : No products found.
  2. Walk Behind Spreader and seeder : No products found.
  3. Seeder with Pneumatic Wheel : No products found.
  4. Chapin garden push seeder : Chapin 8701B Garden
  5. Hoss tools seeder : WALK-BEHIND GARDEN SEEDER
  6. Large capacity garden seeder : Goplus garden seeder

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#1. Overall Best: EarthWay seeder

EarthWay 1001-B Precision garden seeder is one of the most used and loved garden seeders of all time. It is specifically designed to plant crops in rows with precision. Thanks to this planter, you don’t have to worry about employing any kind of tactics or guesswork to make your crop rows straight. The machine comes with six seed plates with different sizes. Hence, you don’t have to worry whether the planter will do good for the type of seeds you are planting. The six seed plates can accommodate almost all sizes of seeds. Once the seed plate is in and working, planting them across the garden is pretty easy. 

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Apart from this, the best part is, the depth of the planter is adjustable. Hence, the user can easily ensure the right depth for every crop seed. This is one of the few planters that provides its users with a lot of control. Other planters in the same price bracket feature only one or two adjustments, making things slightly inconvenient for users. The cherry on top is, this planter is designed using top-notch construction material which means it is durable, sturdy and robust. 


  • It is extremely user-friendly and has a lower learning curve. 
  • The material used is weather resistant. 
  • The planter is designed to be efficient and robust. 
  • It comes with six seed plates that add to its versatility. 


  • Seeds without wingnut are slightly hard to pick up. 
  • Sometimes the seeds get stuck in the plate. 

#2. Walk-Behind Spreader and seeder:  EarthWay 2050P Estate 

This EarthWay seed planter comes with a heavy-duty plastic frame and a huge hopper that can carry as much as 80 pounds of seeds. Since it is constructed using heavy-duty plastic, it is weather-resistant and users don’t have to worry about it getting rust. This means it will not ruin the seeds. The best part is it comes with large sized 10 inches tires that have a deep tread; thus, they will not get stuck in pits and holes while dispensing the seeds at equal distances. The EarthWay 2050P Estate comes with Ev-N-Spred which ensures that the fertilizer is equally spread on the floor.

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Due to the huge capacity hopper, this seeder can also be used as a fertilizer dispenser. Even though it is a walk-behind harden seeder, it is relatively easy to use and does not feature any complex systems. Hence, it can be easily used by old people and children as well. The tires make it easy to use it on all terrains. The Ev-N-Spread technology mentioned above includes 3-hole drops on the commercial-quality gearbox. The enclosed system has a handle mounted controller that can adjust the varying rates of distribution. It is compatible with all types of seeds and fertilizers. 


  • The large and rugged pneumatic tires make it easy to use. 
  • It features a large capacity hopper that can carry 80 pounds of seeds or fertilizers. 
  • The seeder comes with a heavy-duty frame, which makes it durable. 
  • It does not have any complex features. 


  • It does not provide an option to customize the seed dispensing. 
  • The seeder sometimes provides uneven distribution. 

#3. Seeder with Pneumatic Wheel: EarthWay 2600APlus model

This garden speeder looks much like the previously mentioned garden seeder. However, instead of featuring a pyramidal hopper, the EarthWay 2600APlus model comes with a cylindrical hopper that has a 40 pounds capacity. The hopper is constructed using heavy-duty plastic that eliminates all risks of rust and similar damage. For users who are new to the field, it even comes with a rate calculation matrix to assist in granular product dispensing. Apart from this, it comes with the EV-N-SPRED 3-hole drop shut-off system that makes sure the product provides an even spread. The best part is, thanks to this revamped system, the seeder allows its users to customize the drop rate of seed and fertilizer. 

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The gearbox of this seeder is fully enclosed and is designed to be heavy-duty. One of the major issues with garden seeders is the clogging of the chute. However, in this case, the detector is designed such that it does not clog. According to the company, it is virtually impossible to clog even in moist or wet conditions. The device comes with a powder diamond-coated chassis as well as a T-bar handle for pushing the seeder. Both the parts are constructed using high-end material making it extremely durable and sturdy.


  • It can be used on all terrains thanks to its large pneumatic tires. 
  • The chassis and handle are constructed using high-end materials. 
  • The gearbox is virtually impossible to clog. 
  • Even the spread system allows users to spread seeds and fertilizers based on a pattern. 


  • Sometimes the seeder starts to dispense the material unevenly. 
  • The handle can get flimsy at times. 

#4. Chapin garden push seeder: Chapin 8701B Garden

If you are looking for something easy to use and easy to operate, get your hands on this Chapin 8701B Garden Seeder. It has been constructed using high-quality and heavy-duty materials which ensure a longer lifetime for the product. The seeder is designed to be ergonomic so that without much effort, gardeners are able to plant a large number of crops in one go. It comes with six seed plates; hence, you have options to customize the seed planting based on the type of crop you are working with. Gardeners don’t have to worry about seeds getting stuck at the dispenser again and again. Moreover, these plates are designed to be compatible with more than 20 types of seeds.

As far as the frame of the product is concerned, it is constructed using powder-coated steel that is not only durable and sturdy but is also rust-resistant. It comes with cushion grip handles to maximize comfort. Apart from this, it comes with a 30 inches rotating wheel at the front that for uniform planting of the crops. The rear wheels are smaller in size but have the task of covering the seeds with soil for successful germination. The device is designed such that pushing it is easier even over cultivated dirt. It has a kickstand to stabilize it in case it is not being used. 


  • It can accommodate 20 different types of seeds. 
  • Unlike many garden seeders in the price range, it closes the soil on the seed. 
  • Easy push design makes movement easier. 
  • It comes with a kickstand for better stability. 


  • If your garden is not freshly raked, it might cause some issues while seeding. 
  • Sometimes dispenses lots of seeds at once. 

#5. Hoss tools seeder: Walk-Behind Garden Seeder

If you are looking for a versatile, easy to use and robust walk-behind seeder, this one by Hoss is one of the best options available on the market. It is a high-quality seeder that is designed to ensure the accuracy and precision of planting crop seeds, whether they are small or large. This garden seeder comes with a large-sized removable hopper which makes refilling and emptying it pretty convenient and easy. The chassis of the product is constructed using powder-coated steel making it rust and corrosion-resistant. However, this does not mean that you put it out in rain and sun for the whole season. If you ensure proper storage, the product will serve you for longer than expected. 

The handgrips of this walk-behind garden seeder are adjustable. Hence, the user can fix them based on his/her comfort. Apart from this, the machine also comes with an adjustable planting depth. Users can adjust the seed planting depth between 0.25 inches and .50 inches. The wheels installed are very smooth and provide easy maneuvering. The wheels are not high maintenance since they are made of steel instead of rubber. Hence, getting stuck in different parts of the garden is very rare. Moreover, it comes with 6 pre-drilled seed plates as well. 


  • This garden seeder provides high accuracy and precision. 
  • It features adjustable planting depth.
  • The hopper is removable that makes things more convenient. 
  • It is durable and sturdy. 


  • It has a slightly higher learning curve. 
  • Adjusting the handles is slightly difficult. 

#6. Large capacity garden seeder: Goplus garden seeder

This walk-behind garden seeder by Goplus comes with a lever near the handle area. This lever makes it easier to spread the fertilizer and plant the seeds while pushing it forward. Hence, if you are looking for something that will be easy to use yet will provide efficient functionality, this garden seeder is the best option. It is equipped with a precise control spread system that features Goplus’s exclusive patented accurate planting technology. Hence, all the plant seeds are accurately broadcasted throughout the field. This holds true for the fertilizer as well. 

Unlike most of the garden seeders in this price bracket, the chassis of this machine is made using heavy-duty iron instead of steel. The chassis comes with rust and corrosion-resistant coating as well. Thanks to the heavy-duty construction, the spreader can easily hold a large capacity of fertilizers and seeds. The best part is, this garden seeder has a very low learning curve and is extremely easy to use, even for beginners. On top of all this, it has a large capacity hopper which can hold up to 55 pounds of seeds or fertilizer. It has two wheels which makes it easy to maneuver. These wheels are designed such that they don’t get stuck in pits. 


  • It has high precision and accuracy. 
  • The hopper capacity is quite large. 
  • It has a lower learning curve and is easy to operate. 
  • The seeder has a stable and durable frame. 


  • It does not allow any customization on the user’s end. 
  • The instructions are not very easy to understand. 

Types of garden seeder

Before jumping to the type of specifications, you need to consider while buying the best garden seeder for yourself. Let’s take a look at the two most common types of garden seeders. 

Walk-behind seed planter

Walk-behind seed planter
This precision machine is specifically designed to place individual seeds at specific spots in a row. As the planter is moved across a row, it opens the soil at a specific depth, puts the seed inside, and then closes the soil over the seed. These seed planters have four main components i.e., seed-metering cylinder, shoe (hollow, wedge-like structure for opening the soil), a closing device and wheels for running the speed metering cylinder.

Stab planter

Stab planter
As compared to the walk-behind seed planter, the stab planter is very simple. It consists of a seed delivery tube that opens the soil. This tube also has seed metering capability. However, the closing and pressing of the soil are not done by the seeder. The user has to do it via an external tool or by hand/foot. Which is why people prefer the walk-behind seed planter over the stab planter.

 Some important things to consider when purchasing the best garden seeder

Let’s take a look at what features you need to consider before investing in a garden seeder. There are numerous metal detectors on the market, by having the know-how of these features you will be able to choose the one that suits your needs best. 

Hopper Capacity

Hopper Capacity
The hopper capacity of a seeder decides the size of a garden it can take care of in one go. For those who don’t know, a hopper is basically a pyramidal shaped container that is used to store the seeds so that they can move down one by one. Every seeder has a different hopper capacity. Whether you use the garden seeder for planting seeds or for fertilizers, the size of the hopper plays a significant role. If you have a larger farm to take care of, you might want to look into a seeder that has a higher capacity. As a rule of thumb, a 200 pounds hopper capacity is enough for 5000 square feet of land. Usually, the minimum hopper capacity available on the market is 50 pounds.


The quality and construction of a garden seeder is something you need to look out for before investing in one. In case you invest in low quality and badly constructed seeders, it will not only affect the way your seeds are planted but will also mess up with the amount of yield you get. Your seeder should be rustproof and durable. Finding a garden seeder that suits your needs is not easy; hence, investing in something that will serve you longer is not only economical but is also more convenient. It’s better to invest in seeders that are constructed using heavy-duty steel frames with chromium plating. It is essential that the hopper is rustproof as the rust can ruin the seeds if they come in contact with it. 

Type of crops seed

Type of crops seed
The type of crops seed you need to plant has a high impact on the type of garden seeder you choose. Apart from this, the configuration of crops you want in your garden also impacts the decision of a garden seeder. Since every garden seeder has a different type of seed metering device shape, hence, every type of seed cannot go through it. Thus, while deciding on the type of garden seeder you need, make sure you consider the type of seeds you will be planting.


Just like every other device and machine, garden seeders also have variable efficiencies. Of course, the ones that are more efficient will dent your pocket more. Some garden seeders come with a pre-defined set up that cannot be tweaked by the user. The space between each seed spot and the width of the row is decided by the company. This is the case for lower-end and budget-friendly garden seeders. However, if you are ready to up your budget, you can easily find garden seeders that allow you to modify the setup and accommodate a different set of seeding conditions. Some metal detectors don’t close the soil on the seed. That has to be done manually. Hence, it is time-consuming and inconvenient. This lowers the overall efficiency of a garden seeder. 

Push seeder vs. Pull Seeder

Push seeders, as the name suggests, require the user to push them ahead, more like a baby pram. The pull seeders, on the other hand, are mounted behind an ATV or UTV for easy operation. As compared to push seeders, the pull seeders are easier to use. However, they are not recommended for smaller gardens. If you have a relatively smaller garden to look after to, a push seeder will work the best. However, make sure you invest in the one that closes soil over the seed after planting it. As far as gardeners who take care of acres of land are concerned, it’s better to invest in a pull seeder. 

Frequently asked questions

Since there are a number of garden seeders on the market, newbies usually get confused when it comes to finding the right one. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you choose a garden seeder for your garden. 

What should be the size of the hopper?

The size of the hopper that comes with your garden seeder solely depends on the size of your garden. Usually, a 200 pounds hopper is enough for 5000 square feet of land. Now you can do the math. If you have a smaller garden, a garden seeder with a hopper capacity of 30 to 50 pounds will work perfectly fine for you. However, if you have a larger garden, make sure you invest in a larger capacity hopper to ensure convenience. 

Why is it important for the garden seeder to close the soil over the planted seed?

If you don’t close the soil on the planted seed, it is very much likely that the seed will not germinate, and the final yield of your crop will be majorly affected. If your garden seeder does not have the ability to close the soil over the seed, it is better to do it manually. However, that is a lot of work and will mess with the efficiency of the seeding. Hence, it is better to invest in a garden seeding the closes the soil over the seed. 

Does the type of crop affect the type of garden seeder choice?

Yes, it does affect the garden seeder choice since the seed plate used affects the dispensing of seed. However, some of the garden seeders come with a number of pre-drilled seed plates that are compatible with a number of different seeds. If you are not sure what you want to plant, you can invest in one of those. 


The grass seeders mentioned in this article are the top picks that you can check out. They have been selected based on the ease of use, reliability, efficiency, and the ability to dispense seeds. Every garden seeder has its pros and cons; however, the main functionality is pretty much similar. In case you don’t find the type of garden seeder you are looking for in this list, you can always go through the buying guide so that you have a know-how of how things work when you look for a garden seeder somewhere else. One important thing should keep in mind that before seed planting harrowing is very important. So besides this review if you wish can also check our best drag harrow review too. So that’s all for today. Hope you will easily get your best garden seeder after reading this post.

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