Is Wood Ash Good For Garden

Is Wood Ash Good For Garden: When we can use it

Wood ash is a kind of cheap organic fertilizer that I have always liked to use in my garden. If you have a fire pit set in your backyard then that is always an advantage for your garden. Because then you can get wood ash from your fireplace ash and need not spend any extra money to purchase it. Eventually, every cord of firewood that we burn can give us up to 20 pounds of wood ash. But this amount can vary from the type of wood burned. Wood ash contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. It also contains a certain amount of iron, sodium, and zinc. All those minerals are very important for plant growth. In this article, I am going to cover a very important question answer – Is wood ash good for garden? when should not use it, and some common questions associated with wood ash

Is Wood Ash Good For Garden

If your garden soil is acidic soil, if there are no acid loving plants in your garden then wood ash is good for your garden. If your garden soil PH level is less than 6 and 6.5 then you can use wood ash on your garden. But before using wood ash it’s always better to test soil PH acidity level by using a PH meter.

 7 Reasons Why Wood Ash Is Good For Garden Soil

There are several reasons why wood ash is good for the garden. Some of the main reason is given below.

1. Great Source Of Potassium

Wood ash is a very good source of potassium. And potassium is a pivotal source of plant growth.

2. Support New Plant Growth

Support New Plant Growth

 As wood ash contains all necessary minerals for plants it helps the plant’s new growth. Because of this gardeners and farmers use it as a natural source of soil amendment.

3.  Neutralize Acidic Soil

Support New Plant Growth

 If you are not planning to grow any acid loving plant like blueberry, peppers, and sweet potatoes then adding wood ash to your soil will always help you to get better quality fruit trees and vegetables. Because they neutralize acidic soil and help to grow fruits and vegetables that’s loves balanced PH soil.

4. Ideal For A Vegetable Garden

Ideal For A Vegetable Garden

 Wood ash help to maintain the soil PH level between 6 to 6.5. That is ideal for the most vegetable gardens especially to grow garlic and spinach types of vegetables. Because at that level nutrients of fertilizers are easily dissolved in water and can easily be absorbed by the plant roots.

5. Substitute For Lime

Substitute For Lime

Ash that we get from wood contains a high amount of calcium carbonate. That’s is why that can be used as a replacement for liming material in the garden.  Which helps to retain the organic matter in soil and ensure healthy soil.

6. Good For Lawn Care

Good For Lawn Care

Lightly spread ash on your lawn two or three times a year helps to promote a beautiful, greener lawn. It is generally recommended to use it after the top dressing or top soiling an existing lawn.

7. Ash For Pest Control

Ash help to control a different kind of fungal disease. Moreover, it also helps to control slugs, snails, and ants inside the garden.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Ash Wood: When We Should Avoid It

Prevent Plant Growth On Basic Soil

Prevent Plant Growth On Basic Soil

If your garden soil PH level is 6.5 or above it’s called basic soil. In the case of ash that we get from wood, it normally increases the soil PH level by .5 to 1.5. So, if we use ash on that type of soil it will greatly increase the PH level on the soil. That high alkaline material prevents the plants from taking any minerals from the soil. As a result that will hamper the plant growth.

Harmful for Acidic lover plant growth

If you are planning to grow any acid lover plants or vegetables then you should avoid using ash on your garden soil mix. Because as we already know that ash increase the alkaline level in soil Which has a negative effect on acid lover plant’s growth.

Overuse Can Be Harmful To Human Skin And Eyes

It is always recommended to use wood ash once or a maximum of twice a year on the garden soil mix. Because overuse of this only harmful for our garden but also harmful for our skin and eyes. So it’s always wise to use it in the garden on a calm day and use eye protection for extra safety.

 What Plants Like Wood Ash

Almost all kinds of alkaline compost lover plants like wood ash accept acid lover plants. But below we are going to provide a list of plants that mainly like wood ash.

            Plants that like ash
1. Galic
2. Spinach
3. Leeks
4. Asparagus
5. lettuces

How Much Wood Ash Is Good For The Garden

 Well, the answer to this question depends upon your garden size. The basic rule is 20 pounds of wood ash per hundred square feet area. So if you have a big garden you have to calculate the amount based on your garden size. My advice will be to use wood ash twice a year. Using the thin layer of ash at the upper level of garden soil is the basic practice. It is better to use it during the fall and winter seasons. Because at that time the potassium content that remains in the wood ash can easily dissolve on the garden soil.

 How Do I Apply Wood Ash To My Garden

 Step 1: Store It On A Dry Ash Bucket

 Step One Store Your Wood Ash On A Dry Ash Bucket

 Before using it’s always important to store them in an ash bucket in a cool area. Make sure the ash is completely dry before using it.

Step 2: Spread It On Your Garden Bed Or Soil

Step Two Spread It On Your Garden Bed Or Soil

The next process is to spread it on your garden soil according to garden size. Do not overuse it in any particular place. Because that will eventually decline your plant performance.

Step 3: Water The Garden Soil After Spreading Ash

Step Three Water The Garden Soil After Spreading Ash

 Watering after spreading the ash is recommended if it’s a dry day. Because if you do so the organic materials of wash can easily mix up with our garden soil.


1. Is Wood Ash Good For Tomatoes?

To get big size tomatoes, its plants need a lot of potassium. As we already know wood ash contains a high volume of potassium. So yes adding wood ash is good for tomatoes.

2. Is Wood Ash Good For Clay Soil?

If we can spread wood ash properly on the clay soil then clay soil can absorb more ash than dry soil and help to increase soil organic materials

3. Where To Buy Wood Ash For The Garden?

Wood Ash can be purchased from any nursery. However, it can also be purchased for any online shop also.

4. When To Use Wood Ash?

It is better to use wood ash at least three or four month before cultivation. However, in the case of the vegetable garden, it can also use after planting the crop. Season wise fall and winter are the best time to use wood ash.

5. Can Wood Ash Be Used In Any Kind Of Soil?

No, It's not good for your garden soil if its PH level is already 6 or more than that. I recommend using a PH meter or if possible tent your soil before using it. You can only use them after an overview of soil testing.

Last Words

Ash that we get from wood is an excellent organic matter that almost contains all necessary nutrient content for plants. It’s also very helpful to decrease soil acidity. But before using it make sure to do soil fertility testing and also check the soil PH level. Though ash that we get from wood can be used in any kind of crop and fruit garden make sure not to use them for any acid loving plant otherwise it can decrease productivity. So that’s all from this article. Hope you can get a detailed idea about your question – “Is wood ash good for garden?” after reading this article.

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