How to hang a bug zapper

How To Hang And Where To Place A Bug Zapper

One of the most unpleasant things that during the summer night we have to face is our back yard and garden full of flying insects and mosquitoes that are bothering us continuously. We have no clue how we can get rid of them. In order to get ride insects from the yard, different people try different types of items or devices. The electronic bug zapper is one of those. In this article, we will cover two very important topics that every user of bug zapper needs to know. One of those are  “How to hang a bug zapper” and the second one is “Where to place a bug zapper”.

Bug zapper has basically four different parts; an external casing, high volt light bulbs,  cable wire electric power supply grider and a small transformer that makes an electrical power charge. It becomes popular among us because of its handiness, lightweight and easy to method. The majority of the bugs get attracted to that ultra-violet light that comes from the zapper. But, there are also some useful insects that can also attracted by this UV light. So, it’s very important to be cautious about the placement of any kind of bug zapper. So that it doesn’t hurt the beneficial insects. For the best result, it should be hanging on from tree or use shepherd hook in the garden and yard.

How To Hang A Bug Zapper Step By Step Process

For the reader’s convenience, we divide the entire content about how to hang a bug zapper into five easy segments. Those steps are given below…

Step 1

Before installing the device one should determine the main purpose of it. In order to cover a small area, one can choose a smaller and less powerful device and for covering a large area one can choose a larger and more powerful one.
Small area coverage bug zapper VS Large area coverage bug zapper

Step 2

Selecting the location for the Bug Zapper is a pivotal task. Enjoying the summer night or hosting a party in the yard one should place it somewhere nearby.

hanging big zapper

Step 3

After those processes, we have to determine the method that we want to use to hang it. There are so many processes like; hanging on the roof, a tree limb or a shepherd’s staff. One can select the bug zapper hanging object based on their needs.

hanging bug zapper using a shepherd staff

Step 4

Various types of items can be used to palce the device. Such as strong rope, strong twine or metal types of wire. To make sure no slippage or accident occurs, one should be cautious before selecting the material.

 Step 5

It is always advised to keep the bug zapper cord close the user. In order to place the bug zapper from the top roof of  house, the cable should be placed into the pace which is nere to the overhang paneling. On the other hand, if the device hung from any kind of tree or shepherd’s staff then the cord should run along the tree or the ground.

bug zapper cord connection

It is not necessary that one always has to hang the device and has to have a special types of cord or adapter. Sometimes it can also be put on any small table or chair and that is also ok.

Where To Place A Bug Zapper:

Flies,  different kind s of bugs, and gnats make everyone annoyed and the right solution to this annoying problem is a Zapper. Bugs have an optimum flying standard height and that is five to eight feet ( around 1.5-2.5 meters). In order to get the maximum outcome, one should hang the bug zapper within this reasonable height.

One of the most daunting works is to get a right place for it. Everyone wants to keep it into a higher place. But most of the houses don’t have an electrical connection at that kind of hight. So, some easy tips are given below about where is the ideal place for set it.

Using Shepherd’s Hook for the garden 

This iron shepherd hook can also be used as a decorative item for our back yard. They mainly used to hang flower baskets or bird feeders. A double-sided hook is most of the time used  as a hanger for a zapper and sometimes a rose basket that looks more beautiful. In order to use a Shepherd’s hook we just need a tall size cable and use different types of tape to fix the bug zapper with the hook.

hanging bug zapper using sheperd Hook

Using a decorative hanging bracket

Brackets can also be a perfect thing to hang bug zapper. There are different types of brackets are available in the market with different colors and styles. These brackets can secure fences, posts, trees, and outdoor walls.

where to hang a bug zapper

Special conscious about the extension cord

The most important thing about the correct placement of a  zapper is how the extension cord can be handled. There is various kind of extension cord available that can match the outdoor area. There are some green cords that can easily match with the grass more than any orange or yellow color cord. Also, fixing extension large cords in a  secure, safe organized way is also very important.

bug zapper extension cord set up

How Does Bug Zapper Work

A bug Zapper has simple four parts. They are;

An casing or Housing

Exterior casing is mainly used to hold the body parts, the housing is made of  PVC or metal part and it can have different types of size and shapes.

Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs attract insects. It can be mercury bulbs, neon light or ultra-violet light.

Wire, Electric Grid

It is connected with light bulbs and mainly this electronic wire destroys most of the insects.


The transformer generate an electric flow around a hundred and twenty volt to two thousand volts and it is connected with the wire grid.There is a very small gap (around two millimeters) between the bug zapper grids. The light inside the bug zapper attracts the insects and bugs towards it. Insects are mostly got attracted by ultra-violate light than any other light.When the insect flies towards the light, it gets stuck between the wire grids and completes the electric circuit. And because of the current flow, the insect dies. It makes a “ZZZZ” sound when it happens. This device can attract and kill more than 10,000 insects in a day.

Last Words

There is no doubt that bug zapper is an awesome tool to kill irritating bugs and flies. This device is the most effective when someone places it into the entertaining area. Because then we can enjoy our leisure time peacefully. A bug zapper also has some drawbacks. Sometimes it kills beneficial insects. Another problem with this device is that it can attract flies but can’t destroy them, flies also get help sometimes from the big zapper light to find their way. So, it is important to keep in mind its usages and Its must not forget that the main aim of using this device is to attract and catch the bugs.

That’s why we should not make its placement at our doorway or entrance. And we should keep it away from house pets, domastic food, and kids to avoid any kind of accident. So that’s all for this article. Home after reading this informative article we can get some fundamental idea about where to place a bug zapper and how to hang a bug zapper.

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