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DIY greenhouse cooling wall

DIY Greenhouse Cooling Wall : Greenhouse Swamp Cooler Making 101

When it comes to controlling greenhouse temperature, we understand how hard it is to keep the climate under control. More importantly, it takes a considerable amount of investment and monthly basis cost to ensure the optimal temperature for your greenhouse. Choosing an effective evaporative cooling system can help you to solve this problem. Though many...
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heating greenhouse with water barrels

Way of heating Greenhouse With Water Barrels: Thermal Mass Greenhouse

We often use electricity as a primary source to heat the internal area of greenhouses during the winter. But how about using a natural option? One of the most common items is utilizing water barrels.Water drums will cover a small or moderate portion of space in your greenhouse. But they are eco-friendly and affordable. You...
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DIY Pallet Greenhouse

DIY Pallet Greenhouse: How To Build A Pallet Greenhouse

Making a greenhouse is not a piece of cake, especially if you are doing it for the first time. More importantly, it costs a significant amount of money as you need a wide range of materials. But if you have access to lots of pallets, you can cut down the cost of building a small...
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Koi Pond in Greenhouse

Koi Pond in Greenhouse: Can You Have a Koi Pond in Greenhouse

Are you wondering if you can have a koi pond in a greenhouse? There are several benefits to this decision, and also some not-so-great points. However, if you have set your mind to have a koi pond in greenhouse, this is the perfect article for you! Here, I am going to talk about how you...
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DIY Greenhouse Guttering

DIY Greenhouse Guttering: How To Fit Gutter On Greenhouse

After implementing a sophisticated plan, when we have finally created a greenhouse, it is time to take care of the plants properly. One of them is watering the plants regularly. If the greenhouse is a little bit bulky, we need a decent amount of water. This will eventually lead to increased monthly water bills.So how...
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