How to Repot a Succulent

How to Repot a Succulent : 3 Repotting Technique

Normally houseplants boost our mood and positive energy. Having little beautiful succulents would make your short visits to your balcony more worthwhile, calm, and satisfying in your home. But the most challenging fact about growing succulent is their repotting system. In most of the cases succulents died because most of the novice gardener doesn’t know how to repot them. So for new succulent lovers reporting becomes a daunting task. In this todays article we will talk about three different ways about how to repot a succulent.

Excited to know more about these topics? So, keep scrolling down to find out everything you will need to know about the different ways to repotting them!

How to Repot a Succulent

Reporting method 1: How to Repot Newly Bought Succulents Step By Step

Imagine you’ve bought a succulent plant from a plant nursery, now you want to repot it in your own garden in your favorite pots. What are the steps to doing it easier without exhausting yourself out? Here are the simple guidelines for you:

Step One: 

Step One

Gently take out the plant from the pot and stroke downwards with your fingers towards the bottom end to get rid of all the soil clinging to the roots. 

Step Two:

Step Two

It’s time to prepare the succulent soil mix! Fill your container with a mixture of compost and sand, and pour in perlite/pumice stones for better drainage and aeration. Make sure to keep the ratio 1:1 

Step Three: 

Step Three

As soon as your soil mixture is all set, pour drops of water throughout to moisten the soil. The reason why we would want to dampen our soil is for better aeration.

Step Four: 

Step Four

Now bring out the pot where you want to plant it, and fill the bottom with ceramsite stones. Next, keep adding the soil mixture till the pot fills up. Don’t forget to add some more stones to the top layer.

Step Five: 

Step Five

In the final step, check the height if it’s okay. Now plant your succulent, just make sure you don’t plant it very deep into the soil. 

That’s everything about repotting a succulent covered up in five simple steps

Reporting Method 2 :Repotting Overgrown Succulents 

Reporting method 2 Repotting overgrown succulents

After receiving good nourishment for a couple of years, succulents can grow to its fullest and become more root-dependent. What you should do in that case is gently pruning the leaves and repotting it into a wider vessel of fresh compost to enhance its look.

But the thing is, this can get pretty daunting at times if you don’t know the proper instructions. Well, don’t you worry, we have got your back.

This is how you will have to do it :

Put off the Succulent Rom the Old Pot:

Put off the succulent rom the old pot

Firstly, pull off the succulents from your previous pot, do it gently though from the bottom of the stem.

Pot Selection and Soil Mix:

Pot Selection and Soil Mix

Take a larger pot and mix gritty soil with some compost, then fill the pot.

Trimming the Extra Root:

Trimming the extra root

Trim off unnecessary extra root with sharp scissors or hand and plant them in the new pot

You can use a top dressing to spread over the surface of the soil mixture. 

New Potted Plant Placement and Watering

New potted plant placement and watering

Place the pot in a place with good airflow. Let it dry for a maximum of 3 days before you water the plants.  

Also, don’t forget to ensure proper light exposure and a good amount of soil nutrients for the succulent’s longevity!

Reporting Method 3 :Repotting Succulents with Rocks

Reporting method 3 Repotting Succulents with Rocks

Now, this is very interesting!

You must be wondering why should you even bother adding rocks when you can repot succulents easily without them, right? Just like every other pro gardener you may want to add pumice or perlite at the bottom of the pot. The rocks will help improve the drainage system for the plants. Tiny rocks create thin pathways for water to move throughout the soil. If it can’t move around, the roots will become water-clogged and start to rot. Moreover, rocks are a great helping hand for succulents to anchor their roots, allowing them a stable growth. Rocks are a better substitute for the soil too, in case of particularly deserted succulents.

Repotting with Rock:

Repotting succulents with rocks is very simple. Grab a nice big container, add perlite or pumice with gritty soil and fill in the pot. Plant your succulent, then garnish the top layer with some more stones, and you are done!

How do We Know When to Repot Our Succulents 

We have always heard from our elders that timing is important, Now this is not only applicable for our daily life experiences but in the case of succulents too! Repotting succulents at the right time in the right season plays a huge role in its healthy growth. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details then! 

When You Should not Repot Succulents

Water is life! Never repot your succulents before watering them first. After you have watered your plants, wait for around a week (6-8 days) and then you can go for repotting! During this time period, the succulents will be taking in water into their stems through osmosis, that’s why it will take time. Moral – only if you want your succulents to die, then you can repot them the same day of watering. 

Also, never repot your succulents when they are on the verge to flower. Repotting in this period will disturb the blooming process.

The best time to repot your succulents 

You should only consider repotting your succulents when the leaves have turned plumper or displaying explicit signs of proper hydration. When will you get to see this? After you have watered them nicely and have allowed them enough time for about a week for absorption. This way, after the repotting is done, the succulents won’t need watering for the next 10 days. 

When to Plant Succulent in Dry Soil

It’s wise to only plant succulents in dry soil if they are in a well-hydrated state. Why is that? You see, you will somehow accidentally end up breaking some of the root tips while repotting, roots that are non-callous. That’s why planting in dry soil will be better because that way you are giving them some time to recover from the sudden stressful changes in its environment. 

When to Plant Succulent in Moist Soil

If you don’t feel comfortable with the previous method, you can also go for its reverse style – that is repotting your succulents in wet soil. But be careful, you can only go for this method when your succulents are very thirsty and need to absorb moisture right away. 

Repotting Succulents Soil Mix

Repotting Succulents Soil Mix

Let us ask you a question, did you ever mess up while trying to cook a new cuisine for the first time, because of not properly paying attention to the recipe? Well, if you have, then you may have to face the embarrassment a second time again while repotting succulents without having proper knowledge on the right potting mix recipe! 

But no worries, we will tell you! 

To attain as much as perfection as possible, only using regular soil won’t work, you have to mix in pumice and sand in the ratio 1:1 as well. If pumice is not available nearby where you live, you can also use other inorganic materials in replacement. You may also want to use fertilizer for a more nutritious growth of your succulents. We are recommending this potting mixture because of its natural fast-draining effect and ability to allow partial sun exposure. 

If you can use the ingredients of this recipe to the right proportion, you will end up with a ‘delicious meal’, umm…we mean ‘healthy succulents’.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Do I need to water succulents after repotting?

Answer: It is ideal to allow it a week of time to take in the moisture already available in the soil, you should water again after a minimum of 7 and maximum 10 days later. 

Can succulents grow in rocks without soil? 

Answer: Yes they can grow without soil, but in that case, you will have to add both organic and inorganic materials along with the rocks to not deprive the succulents of nutritions.  

Should I water succulents before repotting? 

Answer: If you want to repot in the dry soil mixture, then you must. If you want to repot your succulents in wet soil, you don’t have to.  

When to water a cactus after repotting? 

Answer: After two/three weeks, you can water cactus, and then let them dry out first before you go onto watering them again.   

What is the best season to repot succulents? 

Answer: Early Spring but there are some varieties of succulents that grow well in winter or autumn. 


Honestly, repotting succulents isn’t that difficult if you can follow our guidelines properly. Even so, succulent is a tough plant, so don’t be scared to play and have fun with the plant by repotting them from their present pots to other trendy containers. So that’s all from this post. Hope you people get basic idea about how to repot a succulent from this post.  Happy planting!

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