Best Squirrel and Chipmunk Deterrent

Best Squirrel and Chipmunk Deterrent for Garden: 6 Secret You Can Trust

What if you could completely get rid of Squirrels and Chipmunks from your garden? We know, we know… You have tried everything to secure your garden. But Squirrels and Chipmunks keep getting out of bounds. Nobody loves the sight of these scourges messing around their favorite garden spot. It could be a huge problem considering the havoc they wreak on vegetables and fruits. At this point, you realize that you need something more to curb your pest issues. Here’s the good news. Try the best Squirrel and chipmunk deterrent for garden to chase away these small quirky animals from your yard. All items that we are going to talk in this post are also good for chipmunk deterrent. So you can call those items best chipmunk deterrent. Want to see what we are talking about here? Keep reading, and don’t forget to send us a picture of your Squirrel-free garden afterward. 

Best Squirrel and Chipmunk Deterrent for Garden 

We divide this whole review section into some subgroup that is given below 

  1. Best Overall : orbit motion activated sprinkler 
  2. Affordable Option : Havahart Animal Repellent
  3. Solar squirrel repeller : Green A Ultrasonic Animal Repeller
  4. Ultrasonic squirrel repeller: Abilly Animal repeller
  5. Squirrel repellent for garden : Abilly Solar Repeller
  6. Electronic squirrel and chipmunk deterrent: eHouse Ultrasonic Electronic Repellent

1. Best Overall: Orbit Motion Activated Sprinkler 

If you love Squirrels and do not want to hurt them, here’s a deterrent you will like. Yes, it won’t hurt them in any way, but still, keep them off from your yard. Want to see how that works? Keep reading. The orbit motion-activated sprinkler combines four elements to keep your garden Squirrel-free. So here are the components; Water, ingenuity, sound, and motion. It detects motion from up to 40 feet away. Sounds good?Here’s the catch. You do not need a ton of experience to operate the orbit brand motion-activated sprinkler. It has a balanced design that allows you to keep it in place in the soil.

But that’s not all. This deterrent saves battery life and water. What this means is this. It comes with sensing technology for optimizing battery life and water.Finally, the orbit motion-activated sprinkler is the only deterrent with options for a night only, day only, or both you will find in the market. You can program your orbit motion-activated sprinkler to activate when you need it. 


  • Comes with a night only, day only, and day plus night option
  • Device is easy to use
  • Cuts down on the use of water and battery
  • Well-built with nice features


  • No solar-powered features

2. Affordable option: Havahart Animal Repellent 

First, let’s get a drawback out of the way. The Havahart animal repellent is highly sensitive, and parts break easily. But if you can be extra careful, this is your go-to deterrent for your squirrel and chipmunk. It has infrared sensors that detect animal movement and heat up to 60 feet away. On detection, it releases surges of water to scare the unwanted guests off. About installation, you’ve got no worries. The Havahart Animal Repellent comes with a metal spike that can be placed anywhere in your yard. The best part is that it is finished with a green coating to blend into any landscape and remain hidden. 

I must say this. The Havahart animal repellent does not use up much water like most other repellents in the market. Honestly, 2 to 3 cups of water per spray is enough to maintain a pest-free garden..Above all, you can convert this repellent into a sprinkler. Think I’m exaggerating? All you need to do is to turn the sensitivity knob to the sprinkler set. And boom! You have a sprinkler to serve your yard watering needs. 


  • Can be used as a sprinkler
  • Has a beautiful green color
  • Does not use up much water
  • A metal spike to hold the device in position


  • Parts are highly sensitive and breaks easily

3. Solar squirrel repeller: Green A Ultrasonic Animal Repeller 

On the list of the best Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrents for a garden is this small, but quality device that uses both solar and rechargeable batteries. 

Buying the Green A Ultrasonic Animal Repeller gives you instant ownership to a solar animal repeller, a USB cable, a mounting stick, and specification. Great, isn’t it?The device comes with an IP44 waterproof material. What this means is this. Rainwater cannot find its way into the inner parts of the Green A Ultrasonic Animal Repeller. 

No products found.

Additionally, the device is easy to install. It comes with two adjustable modes that come with different sensing ranges. There’s also a frequency control battery with different frequencies to drive off several animals. Here’s the best part. It shows a powerful flash on detecting a motion. You can be sure to have tight security with the device.


  • Uses both rechargeable batteries and Solar
  • Comes with several frequencies for different animals
  • Has a high resistance to water
  • Easy installation


  • Not yet found

4. Ultrasonic squirrel repeller: Abilly Animal Repeller 

Now you can say goodbye to toxic animal repellants that can harm your garden and your neighbors. What’s more? You can save more time to do other productive works when you stop making scarecrows. Hey, allow me to introduce you to the Abilly animal repeller. Do you want to know the best part? You can use it in any weather – Snow, ice, or rain.  No worries about weather factors damaging your trusted deterrent. 

No products found.

But wait, there’s more to read about the deterrent. It is super easy to use. Yes, you heard that. You have the option to hang the Abilly Animal on a wall or push it into its ground. The choice is yours to make.About the charging method – you can use the solar panel fixed on the top of the device, or the USB charging cable. The latter is best for use during the rainy period. 


  • Can be used in all weather condition
  • Free of toxicity
  • Highly affordable


  • There is a little difficulty in mounting the device

5. Squirrel repellent for garden: Abilly Solar Repeller

By now, you are probably wondering if you will ever find a Repeller tailored down to Squirrels. I have got some good news for you. Here’s the best Squirrel repellent you’d ever see, trust me. But before you get pretty excited, take a deep breath and check out its transcending offer. 

No products found.

It an environmental-friendly repeller that pose no harm to human and animals. All it will do is to scare those scourges away from your perimeter. No life is lost. Also, it is waterproof and solar-powered. No weather condition can put the device off its place. I bet you don’t want a repeller that you will continually battle with when setting it up. The Abilly solar repeller is super easy to use. And guess what. It is also portable. Are you preparing for camping? Don’t forget to carry the Abilly solar repeller with you. It’s your plug for avoiding pests harassment.


  • A water-proof Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent
  • Portable and good for camping
  • Comes with a Solar panel
  • Easy to use


  • Flashlight is not so bright to scare away the Intruders

6. Electronic squirrel and chimpunk deterrent: eHouse Ultrasonic Electronic Repeller 

To begin with, the Ultrasonic Electronic Repeller works for almost all types of an animal deterrent. How does that sound to you? Outstanding, right? But there’s more to this lifesaver. With the device, be assured that no life is lost, and that makes it super cool. Additionally, it does not stink or have a foul smell like any of those common repellers, thanks to its electronic makeup. 

No products found.

It can protect your yard up to 1600 square feet with a voltage supply of 100v to 240v. Also, the power consumption is between 4 to 6 watts. You can never go wrong with the eHouse Ultrasonic Electronic Repeller. It’s a must-have for everyone trying to get rid of Squirrels and Chipmunks without harming them.


  • Does not smell
  • Covers up to 1600 square feet
  • An electronic deterrent


  • Makes a lot of noise

What’s the differences between a Squirrel and a Chipmunk 

Usually, it will take some degree of expertise to differentiate between a Squirrel and a Chipmunk since both animals belong to the same family. The duo also looks alike and feeds on the same kind of food. 

What's the differences between a Squirrel and a Chipmunk

But there are some tricks you can use to differentiate between a Squirrel and a Chipmunk. Make sure to read them to stop making a mistake. Remember this; a Squirrel and a Chipmunk belong to the same family- Sciuridae.

Body-color and size 

Don’t make a mistake about it. A Chipmunk has 7-dark stripes that are separated by 6 lighter lines. They do not extend to the head. But a typical Squirrel has the stripes running unto the top of its head. 

Body-color and size

A Chipmunk’s average body size is about 5 inches, and that makes it a cute little animal you many want to admire. It is not the same for a Squirrel that can grow up to 20 inches. 


About the ears – the short ears of a Squirrel set it apart from a Chipmunk’s rounded erected ears. Anyone can quickly identify this difference without hassle. 

Habitat and feeding habits 

You will commonly find Squirrels hanging around a tree or a shrub. Chipmunks will not settle around such a habitat. On the contrary, a Chipmunk finds delight in deciduous forests and shrublands. It will burrow underground to get a home base.In regards to food, a Squirrel takes delight in nuts and fruits of trees, but a Chipmunk will eat anything ranging from vegetables to insects. 

Note: A Squirrel goes on hibernation during winter, but a Chipmunk does not. 


A Squirrel has a long streamlined tail that keeps low to the ground during movement. For a Chipmunk, its fuzzy bushy tail remains up while moving. That’s how ridiculously easy it is to identify a Squirrel and Chipmunk using their tail differences.

The things to check before buying the Best Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent for garden

Like everything else, you will come across countless ads trying to persuade you to buy their Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent. It is the point where you need to know the one that is best for you to avoid pouring your hard-earned bucks down the drain.

So here are a few tips on the things to check before buying a Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent.


You may want to check if a Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent is weather-proof or not to save your time on rainy days. Buying a non-weather-proof Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent means you cannot use it on bad days like snowy days or rainy days. Fortunately, the deterrents on our list are weather-proof and will do well under any given weather condition.  

Indoor or outdoor 

Some deterrents are for outdoor, and some narrow down to indoor situations. So you should check this out to avoid misplaced values. 

For instance, the eHouse Ultrasonic Electronic Repeller is best used for indoor situations like its name implies. I will suggest that you research properly on a deterrent to know what space it is designed for before buying.


A deterrent is of no use if it is not highly sensitive to detect the movement of pests. For some – it takes a longer time for them to get an animal’s motion. It is not okay and should be avoided at a cost. You can consider buying a highly sensitive Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent like the Havahart animal repellent to detect pests that are up to 60 feet away.


You should not spend a fortune on frivolous creatures like the Squirrel and Chipmunk. No, they don’t deserve it. So while buying a good-quality deterrent, make sure it does not make you break the bank. There are several cost-effective deterrents in the market. You’d find one that fits into your budget.


Every life matters- man and animals. Make sure your Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent does not harm the animals but keeps them away. They’re unwanted guests in your garden, but not on the ecosystem. 

Easy to use 

Before buying a Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent, make sure to go through the Customer’s review to see if it is user-friendly or not. Having to battle with a Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent is not cool. Buy the one you will find easy to use. It should not give you a headache, but the Squirrel and Chipmunk many of it.

How to Keep Squirrels away naturally 

It does not matter where you live – Squirrels are always everywhere. You can never miss out on them due to their large population. Imagine having to deal with several Squirrels in your garden. I know that it could be devastating. But here’s a few natural ways that you can use to keep them off your garden.

Use a dog 

Use a dog

The good news is that the sight of a dog can make a Squirrel go into hiding. So you may want to check out this option to keep Squirrels away. It works and will not cost you so much other than buying a dog if you don’t have one.

Cayenne pepper 

Squirrels hate hot substances like Cayenne pepper, paprika, and red pepper. So what this means is this. You can drive away Squirrels by applying cayenne pepper or a combination of hot peppers to your perimeter. 

Cayenne pepper

You can go further to dip a few fruits into the hot mixture and place the fruits in a strategic location where Squirrels will quickly sight them. Once they have a bite, be rest assured that they’re going to give up on your garden. After all, the fruits in your garden are not tasty, but hot and spicy. 

Plant mint 

Plant mint

Are you sick and tired of Squirrels stealing over your garden? Well, plant pepper mints at every corner. Squirrels hate mints and would do anything not to come close to it. Use this to your advantage and claim back your garden from the thieves.

Keep your garden clean 

From time to time, make sure that you pick up fallen berries and nuts in your garden. When you do this, you’re telling Squirrels that the yard has an owner and will not accommodate a companion. See the difference?

Practice Mulching 

Practice Mulching

No Squirrel can dig into heavily mulched soils.  It is your chance to take what is yours and drive away your rivals. Make sure to mulch your soil with heavy layers like grass, rocks, or stones. But here’s the thing. Be careful when doing this to avoid inhibiting the growth of your plants.

Get rid of attractions 

A bird feeder is something Squirrels cannot resist. So here’s what to do. Remove the welcome mat – bird feeders from around the areas you do not want Squirrels invading. 

Garlic and vinegar spray 

Remember that Squirrels do not like the pungent smell of vinegar. Get some garlic and chopped into a regular size. Make a mixture of garlic and vinegar. Allow it to sit for some days to produce its pungent smell. Put the solution into a sprayer and apply it to your garden. 


Another natural way to keep Squirrels off the bay is by introducing scarecrows. A scarecrow is a structure that is constructed to have an appearance of a human. It helps to keep Squirrels and other pests away from areas they could cause havoc. But here’s the rub. With time, it may become ineffective owing to Squirrels becoming familiar with the structure.


Q. What is the best way to keep Squirrels from eating out of your bird feeders ?

A. Depending on how easy you will find each method, there are many ways to keep Squirrels from eating out of your bird feeders. From using hot peppers to buying a Squirrel-proof feeder pole, your bird feeders can get a break from Squirrels. The method you find most convenient for you is the best for you.

Q. Do coffee grounds keep Squirrels away?

A. Squirrels hate the smell of coffee as much as you hate the foul smell of rotten foods. Throwing a handful of coffee grounds on your premises after making your morning coffee is a fast way to say goodbye to Squirrels hunting around your premises.

Q. How do I stop squirrels from digging in my garden?

A. Squirrels have a way of digging into the soil to store their food for winter. But here's what you can do to stop Squirrels from digging into your garden. Apply a thick layer of organic materials or leaves to the soil. To get an effective result, top the mulch with some cayenne pepper.

Q. Do dryer sheets repel Squirrels?

A. Tucking dryer sheets under your garden sheds or basement will help you to ward off Squirrels. These tiny creatures cannot scale through a surface like the dryer sheets owning to the sticky surface.

Q. Will vinegar deter Squirrels?

A. To the Humane Society of the United States, Squirrels cannot stand the pungent smell of apple cider vinegar. In the last few decades, vinegar has been successfully used to ward off Squirrels from invading homes and farms.

Do eggshells deter Squirrels?

A. Honestly, there's not one connection between preventing Squirrels' invasion and eggshells. On the contrary, eggshells in Squirrels diet is a good source of calcium for maintaining healthy bones. Applying eggshells to your garden will also increase the calcium level of the soil.

What herbs deter Squirrels?

A. Herb's that Squirrels detest are, but not limited to Hyacinth, Galanthus, Fritillaries, Daffodils, and peppermint plants. Any herb with pungent smells that you can think of is a total turn-off for Squirrels. The best way to use herbs to ward away Squirrels is to plant them around your yard.

Does aluminum foil deter Squirrels?

A. In most cases, Squirrels can chew through an aluminum foil if they detect food on the other side. Squirrels have a soft enamel at the back of their mouth and a hard enamel at the front side, and it is easier for them to chew on hard items like aluminum foil. On the face of this, an aluminum foil may not ward away Squirrels from your garden

Q. What food is poisonous to Squirrels?

A. Foods like the avocado skin is harmful to Squirrels. It is because of the high level of toxicity in it. Also, moldy and soar corn is life-threatening to Squirrels when ingested.


No matter how lovely Squirrels and Chipmunks appear to be, you can lost bountiful harvest from your garden to their hungry bellies. The truck is to scare them away from your garden and allow you to reap the fruit of your labors. We will not forget to mention that these frivolous animals can other significant problems like infecting your food items. We will suggest that you take out time to protect your garden from Squirrels and Chipmunks with the best Squirrel and Chipmunk deterrent for garden. Every garden deserves some respect from bugging creatures. Check out our recommended best Squirrel deterrent to testify to these two things- Zero Killing and a joyful garden free from Squirrels and Chipmunks. That’s all from this content. Besides this one you can also check our best bug zapper list which will control your garden’s harmful insects 

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