Best Bonsai Pots for bonsai gardener

According to most of the bonsai experts without a perfect pot, a bonsai is not a bonsai at all. Why! Because in Japanese ‘bon’ means ‘tray’ and ‘sai’ means ‘planting’. Therefore, it literally means ‘planting in a tray’ (or in a pot as we call it). The actual tree is only half of the equation and choosing the wrong pot can even ruin the whole art. The Japanese artwork ‘Bonsai’, actually originated in China. It is an art form of producing beautiful miniaturized trees using the technique of pruning and pinching. And this art is only complete only when the tree is on an equally beautiful pot. So, choosing the right pot is very important for bonsai. But can be confusing at the same time also. Therefore, we have created a list of the ten best bonsai pots and also reviewed them to simplify the whole process for you.

You can also check out the buying guide as additional information at the latter part of this article.

Best Bonsai Pots Review

For our readers convenient we divide our whole review into some subcategory. So if you are not in a mood to read the whole review you can also check the below list and choose your desired one.

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1. Overall Best: Ceramic Bonsai Pots

Number one in our list is the ‘Ceramic Bonsai Pots’. It can be best suited if you are a beginner in use. These pots come in pairs. Ceramic is one of the best materials for making bonsai pots. The ceramic in these pots is also sturdy which means these are built solidly and hold much strength. Hence, these pots are durable, and scratch-proof in general use. Each of them has two drainage holes for better convenience. All in inches, dimensions of the pots are 7.25L x 5.37W x 3H and 5.75L x 4W x 2.5H. Sourced in northern China, these pots are simple in design. But with this simplicity, the glazed dark color does bring a uniquely elegant style. 

And the best part is, the ceramic used to make these pots are white clay which is a natural material from the ground. So, it’s not only high in quality but also completely environmentally friendly. 

Things we like about the product

  • Cost-effective compared to other same level products.
  • Simply beautiful with a unique dark shiny look.
  • Durable, and scratch proof.
  • Environmentally friendly and best for the beginner user.

Things we do not like about the product 

  • Smaller in size, so only suitable for smaller trees.
  • The feet of the pots are not glazed.  

2. Best value for the money: Mini bonsai pots set 

Number two in our list is the happy bonsai mini pots set from Kilofly brand, a Hong Kong based company. They excel in the best quality exclusive products. This is one of their best among the lots of exclusive items in the collection. It is a set of four ornamental, each unique-looking glazed pots. They also come with their individual 4 drainage screen which is not very common in this price range. The unique shapes and tiny sizes of the pots make them ideal for little bonsai trees like cactus, succulents, etc. Hence, they are perfect for starters. They are also durable as made from high-quality ceramic.  

Things we like about the product 

  • Best suited for growing multiple small bonsai trees individually.
  • Each pot is unique on its own and comes with four mesh. 
  • Very affordable, durable and attractive in design and color.

Things we do not like about the product

  • It can sometimes seem tinier than expected.
  • Best fitted only for small bonsai trees.

3. Bonsai training pot: Superfly Bonsai pot 

If you are looking for a pot for your bonsai tree which is robust, nice looking and also very affordable, get your hands on the rectangular ‘Superfly Bonsai pot’, the third item in our list. These dark brown mica pots resemble the brown clay pots following traditional style and shape. Since these are mica pots, they are extremely durable and suitable for all weather conditions. 

Since these pots are designed to support the tree’s health, they not only keep the roots safe but also helps them to grow. Besides they keep the soil temperature balanced and also environmentally friendly. And the best part is, they come in all different sizes. Hence you can always choose the size, right for your tree.

Things we like about the product 

  • Extremely durable for rough use and almost break, chip or crack free.
  • Super portable for their lightweight.
  • Very attractive and environmentally friendly.
  • A variety of sizes are available to choose from.

Things we do not like about the product  

  • Sometimes there can be a slight miss-match in the dimensions.
  • Due to their lightweight extra support may require in a windy environment.

4. Best Ceramic Bonsai Pots: Happy Bonsai’s Small Glazed Pots 

‘Happy Bonsai’s Small Glazed Pots’ is a pair of ornamental, each unique looking glazed pots. They also come with 4 mesh screens for drainage. The screens are all 2 square inch and sizes of the pair of pots are approximately (L x W x H): 5.3 x 3.5 x 2.0 inches and 4.3 x 3.2 x 1.8 inches. The unique shapes and tiny sizes of the pair of pots make them ideal for decorative small bonsai project. Made from the best quality ceramic also ensures their durability. 

Hence, perfect for starters, these elegant little pots note only can perfectly be used for small bonsai trees like succulent or cactus but also seedling. And for sure they will give you the freedom of fitting this art in any corner of your home.

Things we like about the product 

  • Best suited for growing a pair of small bonsai trees individually.
  • Two unique pots come with four mesh screens. 
  • It comes with a simple, elegant look.
  • Fits just about anywhere you want them. 

 Things we do not like about the product

  • May not remain suitable if the succulent or cactus grows a bit bigger.  
  • Easy to be deceived by the size if not checked properly.  
  • Breaks easily if not shipped or handled carefully.

5. Oval bonsai pot: Superfly Bonsai’s training pot  

The fifth item in our list is another super durable, great in look, oval-shaped “Superfly Bonsai’s training pot’. These affordable robust bonsai pots as the name suggest is great for training yourself as beginner. Since, these are mica pots, meaning they can take all the beginner’s rough use challenges you may through at them. They are also ready for any weather condition.

The cherry on top is with their traditional look like the clay pots, they are extremely good in keeping your bonsai tree in good health. The roots of the tree can grow safely as the soil temperature in those pots remains at a suitable level. Besides these environmentally friendly pots are available in all different sizes and shapes. So, you can be assured and at an affordable price, you can get just the right one for your particular bonsai tree. 

Things we like about the product

  • Rough useable due to their extreme durability.
  • Affordable price with a great look.
  • Very friendly for the tree and the environment.
  • It can be chosen for the needed size in particular.

Thigs we do not like about the product  

  • Not much variety in color.
  • Lightweight and less depth sometimes can slightly be problematic for larger trees.  

6. Beautiful bonsai pots: Shear Zen’s small pots for bonsai 

At the sixth spot is the SHEAR ZEN’s small bonsai pot which is a piece of true elegance. It’s a six inches in diameter, oval-shaped pot in dark green color. This graceful and neat bonsai pot surely can be of the finest assistance to showcase your bonsai plant in its true charm. The pot emanates classical Japanese design. 

Hence it suits almost any kind of small to medium-sized plants perfectly. The pot’s high standard finish makes it fade-resistant and also has regular drainage cavity. Besides, the best grade environmentally friendly ceramic material makes it one of the best choices of its users. 

Things we like about the product 

  • Classic dark green color and graceful elegant design.
  • Matches with almost any kind of small to medium bonsai plants.
  • Made from best grade, ecological ceramic.

 Thing we  do not like about the product

  • No variety in size available.

7. Smart Japanese bonsai pots: JM BAMBOO brands bonsai pot 

The Japanese JM BAMBOO is a brand known for its effort to come up with the best quality products. Our seventh item is from them. This is a green ceramic pot that is larger than most medium pots. The dimensions of this pot are 8L x 6W x 3 H all in inches.

No products found.

Therefore, this is ideal for medium to large bonsai plants to grow. It has two drainage holes and comes with two mash screens. The best part about this Japanese classic pot is it’s completely handmade. As a result, you can be assured of the overall quality, durability and longevity. 

Things we like about the product 

  • It has high durability and longevity.
  • It is handmade and affordable. Hence, best in quality.   
  • It comes in a simple, glazed and rectangular pleasing appearance.  

 Things we  do not like about the product

  • Might need to make an extra drainage hole for its size and the tree will be grown in it.
  • Sometimes the drainage screens might need to be replaced.

 8. Handmade bonsai plant’s pot: JM BAMBOO’s rectangular pot  

Like the previous one, this rectangular (6’’ L x 4.5” W x 2” H) ceramic bonsai pot is also from the Japanese trusted brand JM BAMBOO. Since JM BAMBOO always supplies the best grade products, this one is no exception. This means this classic glazed dark black color bonsai pot is made not only from the best quality ceramic but also handmade with maximum care and maintaining a high standard.

As a result, it can be used for, small to medium-large, almost all kinds of bonsai trees. And more importantly, it is affordable for a product this nice compared to the same level products. It has regular drainage holes and with mash screens for the holes.  

Things we like about the product 

  • It comes in an affordable price range.
  • The attractive and glazed black color gives it a classic look.
  • Handmade and best-maintained quality.

 Things we do not like about the product

  • Sometimes comes in a slightly uneven shape.

9. Deep bonsai planting pots: Leaves and Soul’s bonsai pot   

Leaves and Soul’s is a brand that exclusively provides bonsai pot, mostly selective and handmade, that are simply tasteful. Hence, this bonsai pot carries those qualities too. With a firm base, it gives your miniature tree a perfect environment to grow. It has 5.5L x 4.13W x 2.13H inches in dimensions. 

Due to its lightweight and portability you are free to showcase your bonsai anywhere, you like in or outdoor. Its glazed dark blue exterior complements your plant to the highest. Therefore, regardless of masculine or feminine, this pot provides true satisfaction of refined decoration.

Things we like about the product 

  • It comes with vibrant color and artistic originality.
  • Excellent fit for small to medium-sized plants.
  • Affordable in price.

Thing we do not like about the product

  • The feet of the pot is not glazed.

 10. Unique bonsai pot: Bonsai Pot with Land and water Divider  

The last item on our list is a unique bonsai pot with land and water divider. What makes it unique is the divider of this pot. It’s another classy pot from the Japanese company JM BAMBOO. It’s made by hand with best grade ceramic. The dimension of this pot is 10” x 7” x 2.5” all in inches.

Due to its wide dimension, it is ideal for almost most any or all kinds of bonsai plants. Its wider dimension also enables you to make your miniaturized landscape around the tree on top of the pot. It does have a standard drainage cavity and comes mash screens too. Thus it gives you a unique experience with your bonsai project.

 Thigs we like about the product

  • It comes with a unique divider.
  • Its wider dimension makes it perfect for landscaping at the top around the plant.

 Thing we do not like about the product

  • Sometimes the divider may make uneven distribution of water in the pot.

Best  Bonsai Pots Selection Guide 

Trees’ health comes first when you choose a bonsai pot. One of the key requirements for a right pot is making sure the pot should not absorb and hold any water. Therefore it needs to be stoneware burned. Right shape size and depth is also important.

Size and appearance  

Size and appearance  

To choose the right size of the pot you need to know the size of the tree and how much water it needs for a day. The size of the pot should be big enough to hold soil needed to capacitate that much water.And the appearance of the pot should be complementary to the tree, not the opposite. This means the pot itself should not come into the main focus, should not out weight the focus of the tree itself.

Shapes and depths of the pots      

Bonsai pots come in many different shapes. Such as oval, rectangular, square, round are the most common ones. Apart from those, there are hexagonal, octagonal, lotus and floral shape. And then comes the different depths. If you want your tree to be tall and delicate looking at the depth of the pot should be very shallow. On the other hand, if your tree is a masculine one then you need a deeper pot which will make your tree look well established and masculine. The cascaded pots are best suited for a thin single trunk tree. Then we have trays and slabs, which are simply best for landscaping.



And to complete the whole composition we have texture on the pots which emulate to the characteristics of the tree or pots. The lips of the pots could be inner for a masculine look or outer for more feminine trees.

For more colorful fruit and flower trees, the glazed colorful pots are desirable. And non-glazed pots are normally used for evergreen trees. Green and brown are suited for each other naturally. Trees that are quite feminine and decorative their pot can be shallow and have higher feet.

Frequently asked questions

Since there are numerous different sized, shaped and materialized bonsai pots in the market, starters often get confused when it comes to finding the right pot for their particular tree. Therefore, here are some frequently asked questions that might help you choose the perfect pot for your bonsai plant.

1. Do bonsai trees need special pots?

Since pots and trees both act together to fulfill the whole artistic representation of bonsai. Besides a bonsai plant has some special needs, for example, a perfect drainage system with mash screens and drainage hole, the pot should not absorb and hold any water, which the pot must provide. Hence each particular tree needs its special pot.

2. Do bonsai pots need drainage holes? 

To drain off the access water and to avoid stagnation, so that the root of the tree does not rot, bonsai pots need drainage holes. Without any or insufficient holes there will be more water than need which may even end up destroying the bonsai plant altogether.    

3. Why are bonsai pots so expensive? 

Bonsai pots are expensive because they are not just regular pots. A bonsai takes a lot of time like year after year to grow and the post has to support the tree for all this time. As they need to be made suitable and durable enough for the trees, hence they are expensive.  

4. What are bonsai pots made of?

Bonsai pots can be made from lots of different materials. Such as ceramic and porcelain (absorb 0.5% less water than ceramic) are the two main classic material for pot making. And the ceramic and porcelain pots are stone burned afterword to make them more durable. Other materials from which they can be made are plastic, clay, concrete, etc.


When we look at a bonsai, sometimes we fail to realize the true importance of its pot. We think the tree itself is the only real source of beauty. As a nice and beautiful dress made out of the best quality fabric gives us comfort and complements our personality, we fail to realize the pot does the same for the bonsai tree. The right pot not only depicts the beauty of the tree but also helps to keep it healthy. The overall landscape greatly depends on the pot too. 

A bonsai is not simply a tree in a pot. It is an art form. When the tree and the pot both become one single entity while complementing each other, the composition becomes complete. Therefore each bonsai tree deserves its pot in particular. This is how it achieves its actual potential. However, we need not to forget that besides a good bonsai pot different bonsai tool set is also important that is mainly use for cutting and prawning. Bonsai it represents harmony and balance of life. So, choose the best bonsai pots that fulfill your requirement and complete your art. Happy crafting! 

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