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Best Water Meter for Garden Irrigation System

Water meter is specially designed for managing the water consumption process more efficiently. It is mainly used to read the exact water flow from a particular water source .The advantage of using water flow meter is that it makes the tasks faster and more efficient. It also provides the facilities for accurate reading and ultimately helps in having a check on consumer billing . Every flow meter is designed according to its customer demands and needs. But they come in various grades and qualities. So that we can choose the best water meter according to our requirements. Water flow meter is mainly used in industrial area but it also have a pivotal role in gardening. Because the overflow of water can damage the garden sprinkler and can make leakage on pipe and hose. 

But when we have a water flow meter attached to our hose pipe or inline water pipe we can easily monitor the extra water flow.In this article we’ll talk about seven top-quality water flow meter. We’ll also provide a brief buying guide at the latter part of this article. 

Best Water Meter Reviews

For our reader convenient we divide our whole review in some subcategory. So that they can easily check their required water flow meter without wasting their time. The subcategory is given below…

SL Subcategory Brand Name
1. Overall Best: P3 International Water Flow Meter
2. Smart Digital Water Meter: GARDENA WATER TIMER
3. Data Logger Water Meter: DAE Water flow Meter
4. Plastic Water Meter: Assured Automation Meter
5. Stainless Steel water meter: ELM Metering 3/4″ Meter
6. Portable Water Meter: Neptune T-10 3/4″  meter
7. Coldwater meter: ttnight Water flow Meter

1. Overall Best: P3 International Water Flow Meter 

The first water meter in our list is made by P3 international. P3 International is a famous company and they are mostly known for their animal repeler types of product and also for their flow meter. This meter is not only one of their best product but also one of the best in the market. This meter helps to prevent water overflow and wrong billing. 

No products found.

Simply attach between the faucet and hose and the easy to read meter shows you how much water you use.  It accurately measures each single watering event as well as total water usage. This will help you monitor your garden watering needs. 


  • Ideal for greenhouses where accurate watering is very important (accurate to 1/10 a gallon).
  • Calculates single-use and total amount of water consumption
  • Easy to read LCD display


  • Does not have an automatic shut off

2. Smart digital water meter: GARDENA WATER TIMER 

Our garden becomes more thirsty in summer, and it is dependent on you to keep it hydrated. To quench that thirst, the GARDENA WATER TIMER has a wide range of Watering Controls that can be directly connected to a tap, sprayer or sprinkler. This will allow you to measure your water usage per session and per day.  

No products found.


  • Operation is easy with one-button functionality
  • It has a liter per minutes measurement scale which help to monitor the current water consumption level
  • Easy to use the operating system
  • It has an auto stop option that prevents water wastage.


  • It is truly a water meter and not a water timer.  You will have to monitor and operate it correctly to get the best result.
  • You will need to buy/keep extra batteries.

3. Data logger water meter: DAE water meter 

If you are looking for a quality meter for the price the DAE brand water flow meter may be the choice for you.  This well made, solid brass meter has many great benefits.  So if you are tired of buying plastic water flow meters that seem to break in weeks, this is a solid, strong alternative. If you need solid and sturdy for the price, this meter can be your success story.


  • Solid brass – Lead free (far sturdier than most of the competition)
  • Very useful if trying to determine leaks
  • Flow is measured at the slightest move in water flow, backwards or forwards
  • Very easy to install with minimal leaking 
  • Meter has a rain  resistant flip cover


  • Water hose pressure can negatively impact readings or cause them to not calculate at all.

4.  Plastic water meter: Assured automation meter 

If you are in the need for a meter for residential water, in the economy/plastic category. The ASSURED AUTOMATION METER may be the right answer for you.  This meter is a strong example of something that is inexpensive but not “cheaply” made. In the rare situation where quality may actually be more than the cost, the ASSURED AUTOMATION METER can be a frugal, yet successful choice.


  • one of the lowest cost meters on the market
  • Easy to install, easy to read.
  • Measures in gallons


  • Only measures a running total of flow, will not measure session or day.
  • Some complaints of this meter is it cracking below dial-line and not holding up well under normal use

5.  Stainless steel water meter: ELM Metering 3/4″ water meter 

If you need a water output meter that you can monitor remotely the EKM STAINLESS STEEL PULSE meter is definitely one you should look at. Made with industrial-grade, stainless steel (201 grade). This meter has the flexibility to be used traditionally (reading the consumption directly off the meter) or remotely through the EKM Dash software platform, you can monitor on-line which is a unique value. Technology and solid craftsmanship come together in the EKM STAINLESS STEEL PULSE mete. A solid choice for your water metering needs.


  • Both remote and direct monitoring available 
  •  Stainless steel metal construction increases durability
  • Easy to install 


  • Some of the NPT adapters may need attention when using to ensure solid water follow and connection.

6.  Portable water meter: Neptune T-10 3/4″ water meter 

The NEPTUNE T-10 water flow meter is the perfect fit for your residential metering need and applications.  It has sturdy brass construction and is certified lead free. It can be ordered to calculate your flow in Gallons. This is a sturdy,  easy to use meter that is reliable and rated to meet your expectations.  


  • Simple to install
  • Clear, and easy to comprehend meter
  • Approved for Horizontal or Vertical Flow


  •  This is a direct read meter only.  No remote reading capabilities available with this model.
  • This meter does total flow metering only.  It cannot monitor session or daily output separately.

7.  Coldwater meter: ttnight flow meter 

If you are looking for a durable, well-designed, easy to read flow meter, the ttnight flow METER is a great place to start.This meter is made with high quality materials, making it resistant to the normal corrosion and condensation that impacts lesser brands.  A brass instrument cover, with bearing components made of high-quality steel. Unit is measured my cubic meter. Solid craftmanship and durability are the calling card for the ttnight flow METER.  


  • Sturdy design for long lasting use
  • Easy to read
  • Comes with protective cover to protect its display


  • Does not measure in Gallons 
  • Adapters included do not work with standard U.S. outdoor spigots .you will have to purchase a separate adaptor.

Some Important factor which indicates that it’s  the best water meter for you 

Some Important factor which indicate that it’s  the best water meter for you 
Finding the right water meter is extremely important. Flow meter technology is a regularly evolving field. The huge amount of meter types and style make us confused when trying to find the correct one. Because each and every flow meter is different from one another.  Another important thing that we need to keep in mind that flow meter selection should not be based on the most affordable price. We can’t deny that the price factor is always important, but we should also consider some other factor while choosing the top quality water  flow meter

Here are six important considerations for choosing the best flow meter.

.  Understand your Process 

It means what is your plan. What amount of water flow do you want to measure? Where it will be measured ?(on-site or remote) What types of data do you need for your process (is it per day, per session, cumulative)?  Before selecting a meter, you must have this information in hand and should have a clear understanding of the entire process.

.  Know what is being measured 

The specifics of the water you are measuring is one of the pivotal considerations when selecting a flow meter. Conductivity,  water temperature, water flow pressure, and water viscosity will give you the template to help you find the type of meter that can work best for you.

.  Accuracy, Range, And Certification Requirements 

How accurate the measurement that we are getting form our  flow meter?  Will the results be uses for billing (one type of specific certification required)?  Or are you in need of greater accuracy because of the field of use (like measuring a controlled chemical feed will need to be much more accurate)? what is the maximum and minimum range that our meter can read? Is there any valid certification about this meter accuracy? All those things we need to keep in mind while choosing a flow meter.

.  Meter Location and Installation 

Meter Location and Installation 
Where we want to place our water flow meter?  Appropriate location and setup of flow meters are always important. For example, if we want to set our meter in the outside area then plastic flow meter or rust-proof metal  meter should be our consideration. Pipe size, pipe material should also be our consideration.

.  Reporting/Data Recording   

Reporting Data Recording   
How frequently our water flow meter to record the data? What information do we want in our data reporting? Are also need to be considered while choosing the flow meter for our garden and garden. Specific event notification should also be a consideration. For example, if we want our meter will send us a notification when the water flow is higher than normal flow or zero flow then we should select one that has an alarm for that particular event.

.  Consult with A Technical Partner 

Finally…it often helps to talk to an expert in the field.  Water flow meter manufacturers, technical expert and even customer support of those water flow meter companies have huge knowledge and experience in this filed. So its also better to talk with them before choosing a flow meter for our home or garden.


 How Can I benefit from having a meter? 

Meters allow you to track the amount of water use, thus giving you a greater view and control over your water bill. Meters also allow us to better understand where the water is going to find and fix leaks quicker.

Are smart meters safe? 

Yes. A recent report by Public Health England (PHE) has found that the radio waves produced by smart meters do not pose a risk to health. Smart meters are low emission, like a TV remote control.

How do water flow meters save water? 

Meters make it easier to see how and where water is using. So we can all be as efficient as possible. Research shows that customers on a meter typically use around 12% less water. Meters will allow you to easily spot where there is a leak so it can be fixed as quickly as possible.

How big is a flow meter? 

Most meters are a little bit bigger than a soda can.  If you are placing a meter inside a home, it may take up more room as there may need to be some additional piping around the meter.

Should I get a flow meter? 

As a rule of thumb, if you have a big garden or greenhouse, where you need to water on a regular basis then you should think about flow meter  Whether a meter’s worthwhile depends, on your usage, but also your water company. As a remember, you can always try it to see if it saves you money. If it doesn’t work out, remove it, and move on. 

How much can I save using a meter? 

Savings vary by supplier and usage, but many reports show that simply replacing an inefficient show head could save their family a healthy amount per year.  This is a direct impact to monitoring your usage with a flow meter. 


 The water flow metering industry is complicated, expensive and saturated with choices, types, and brands.  You can get lost in layers and layers of data and pages and pages of reviews and insight. If you take the time to know exactly what your water measurement goals are (reason, record and circumstances) and arm yourself with that information first, you can then confidently find the right tool.  Do not compromise on what you need, because, we assure you, the best water meter you need is out there.  

Start with your internal need first and that will guide you to the exact, right, answer. Like water flow meter a perfect anti-siphon valve is also important for control the water backflow inside a garden. So besides this article you can also check our selected anti sipone valve list . Good luck with your search and happy metering!

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