Shelterlogic Greenhouse Reviews

Shelterlogic Greenhouse Reviews

If you are looking for a solution for growing plants in your backyard or at your commercial property, ShelterLogic can be your go-to manufacturer. The company is known for manufacturing different varieties of greenhouse kits that are specifically designed to provide users a solution to grow crops fast and increase the yield. ShelterLogic greenhouses provide you a durable and sturdy place to grow, protect, and shelter your crops with the minimum effort. The best part is, these greenhouses are easy to built and easy to assemble. In this Shelterlogic greenhouse reviews we are going to review five of the most popular greenhouse of this brand. 

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Shelterlogic Greenhouse Reviews

If you are a beginner, you can go for the small and portable greenhouses designed for novices. On the other hand, if you are a commercial gardener, you can always invest in the larger greenhouses. Some of the top ShelterLogic greenhouses are given below 

  1. Overall best: No products found.
  2. Best value for the money: ShelterLogic Mini Grow House
  3. Best for the backyard: No products found.
  4. Quick assembly greenhouse: ShelterLogic HD Greenhouse
  5. Heavy-duty greenhouse: No products found.

Now let’s start the detailed review …

1. Overall best: ShelterLogic growIT greenhouse

The first greenhouse in this Shelterlogic greenhouse reviews section is a walk-in greenhouse. This portable yet walk-in greenhouse by ShelterLogic is ready to build out of the box. It is designed to be sophisticated and has enough space to deal with a growing plant as well as saplings. The outer cover is a clear, triple-coated ripstop cover that is constructed to keep the unnecessary heat and UV radiations out. On top of this, it provides the plants with constant light during light hours. The chassis of the greenhouse is made using powder-coated heavy-duty ShelterLogic patented steel. This adds rock-solid stability to the greenhouse. 

No products found.

The outer cover is waterproof and has roll-up windows at the bottom for required ventilation. These encourage airflow as well. The cover also has semi-circle windows on the top, which controls the temperature inside. These windows also come with pest netting. The best part about this greenhouse is its easy assembly and disassembly. 


  • The greenhouse is portable yet has enough space to walk-in. 
  • It has enough options for proper air circulation. 
  • The chassis is constructed using high grade patented steel, which is treated for corrosion. 
  • The assembly of this greenhouse is very easy. 


  • The lower windows don’t have pest netting. 
  • The window and door zippers tend to get stuck sometime. Hence, they need silicon lubing every few months. 

2. Best value for the money: ShelterLogic Mini Grow House

Are you a gardening enthusiast but don’t have enough space in your house? Get your hands on this mini grow house. It is small enough to fit in your balcony yet has enough space to accommodate a number of plants. The greenhouse imitates a portable cupboard and comes with a powder-coated steel chassis and a transparent covering with a full-sized roll-up door. This 4-tiered greenhouse is ideal for smaller backyards as well. Most gardeners use it for growing saplings and sensitive plants. 

The cover is designed to reduce all harmful UV rays. It is made of thick PVC fabric that allows a significant amount of light to pass through to the plants. The shelves feature steel wire mesh and are customizable. Which means you can change their position according to the size of your plants. The best part is, like all the other ShelterLogic greenhouses, this one is extremely easy to assemble. It takes a total of 15 minutes to put together. 


  • The greenhouse is portable and compact. 
  • Covering is made of PVC fabric that reduces harmful rays. 
  • The shelves and their position are customizable. 
  • It is easy to assemble, and the frame is durable. 


  • The shelves cannot take a lot of weight. 
  • You might have to reduce the number of tiers for taller plants. 

3. Best for the backyard: ShelterLogic backyard greenhouse

This greenhouse, like most of the greenhouses by the manufacturer, is portable yet walk-in friendly. It comes with a slightly opaque outer cover; hence, it is designed for more warmer areas where the sun is scorching at all times. It is designed to protect the plants from unnecessary heat, which is why the outer cover is constructed using three layers and comes with heat bonded ripstop that is 5.5 oz thick. On top of this, the cover is waterproof and treated to filter out UV rays. The cover provides enough diffused light to keep the plants growing yet filters out all the harmful rays. 

No products found.

The thermal fabric saves time and money since it is designed to last longer than normal outer covers. When this is used in combination with the reinforced chassis, the greenhouse can go through seasons without deteriorating. It comes with 4-foot shelving on sides that are built for the staging of the plants. The shelves come with metal grids for added durability. 


  • The outer cover comes with three layers and is heat bonded. 
  • The cover filters out all the unnecessary and harmful rays. 
  • The chassis is reinforced and is designed to last long.
  • It comes with 4-foot shelving on the side. 


  • It is not very suitable for colder areas. 
  • The assembly is slightly difficult as compared to other greenhouses. 

4. Quick assembly greenhouse: ShelterLogic AccelaFrame HD Greenhouse

This huge greenhouse has 12 feet by 20 feet by 9 feet dimensions. Usually, a greenhouse this large takes at least a few hours to assemble; however, thanks to ShelterLogic and its advanced greenhouse construction technology, the assembly time for this is reduced to 30 minutes.  As compared to other greenhouses in the same price bracket and the same size, the chassis is designed to be 2 times more powerful. The main reason behind this is the reinforced, heavy-duty patented steel. It comes with clear cut instructions. The parts are designed such that the user does not confuse them with each other, and there are no assembly errors. 

As far as the outer cover is concerned, it is constructed using translucent PVD fabric that comes with UV certification. Hence, it does not allow any harmful rays inside the greenhouse and keeps the atmosphere in premium condition to help the crops grow to their maximum. 


  • The huge frame only takes 30 minutes to construct. 
  • The chassis is designed to be two times stronger than the normal greenhouse chassis. 
  • The outer cover is made of PVC fabric and is UV-certified. 
  • The loose parts are minimized, making assembly easy. 


  • There is n system to keep the outer cover attached to the ground. 
  • The greenhouse is not customizable. 

5. Heavy-duty greenhouse: ShelterLogic heavy Duty greenhouse

Another walk-through greenhouse by the company is this 12 feet by 24 feet by 8 feet GrowIT Greenhouse that is designed for experienced and commercial growers. It has a huge space for growing plants and has a provision for sectioning as well. Hence, users can keep growing plants in one region, saplings in other and grown-up plants in the third. Since it is huge and is designed for expert use, the assembly is slightly more difficult than other greenhouses. It comes with a triple-layerripstop translucent that is 7.05 oz thick and comes with UV certification as well. 

No products found.

The chassis is constructed using heavy-duty steel treated for corrosion, peeling, and rust resistance as well. The outer cover is equipped with enough windows to keep the circulation of air intact. It has pest netting on the upper windows but does not have any pest netting on the lower area. 


  • The structure is durable and sturdy. 
  • The outer cover can be anchored to the ground easily. 
  • The outer cover is designed to be heavy, durable, and sturdy. 
  • The greenhouse has a very long life and is designed for commercial use. 


  • It does not come with pest netting at the bottom. 
  • The shelves are not customizable. 

What things make Shelterlogic greenhouse special

Greenhouses are the best way to control the environment your crops are in so that they can grow to their maximum potential. ShelterLogic provides you with one of the best greenhouse solutions on the market. Whether it is the heat of the summer or extremely cold temperatures, ShelterLogic greenhouses can help you extend the growing seasons thanks to the top-notch features and functionalities they come with. Some of the special features that make ShelterLogic greenhouses stand out are:

Smaller footprints and portability

Smaller footprints and portability
If you want to up your game in the gardening department; however, you feel like you don’t have enough space for a greenhouse in the garden, you are wrong. The ShelterLogic greenhouses come with the best solution for your problem. They are proud manufacturers of raised bed greenhouses, which is considered as the best way to start gardening. It is easy to assemble and it used heavy-duty steel that makes it durable and sturdy. It comes with roll-up covers so that the user has maximum control over the atmosphere inside the greenhouse. Despite having a big size most of the greenhouse of this brand is very much portable also.

Great value 

All the ShelterLogic greenhouses come with great value and have a simple setup. If you want something larger than a raised bed greenhouse but still want to invest in a minimalistic greenhouse, their AccelaFrame Greenhouses are ideal for you. They are the ultimate portable greenhouses. They are made such a way that they can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. Moreover, as compared to other greenhouses,they are two times stronger. ShelterLogic works towards maximizing the value of their greenhouses. Another one of its high-value options is the durable GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box.

Maximum results

ShelterLogic greenhouses are designed to maximize your crop growth and yield. The greenhouses provide large overhead growing heights. It also comes with translucent ripstop covers that are designed to last longer. The more important thing is they are UV protection. The fabric is also treated so that it prevents over-heating. Yet provides constant light to the plants during light hours. For airflow, the side panels can roll up in case you want to cool down the atmosphere inside. They all come with pest netting as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the correct greenhouse for your garden is one of the most tedious tasks, especially with so many options around. Hence, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you choose the greenhouse that suits your needs. 

Is the chassis corrosion resistant?

All the ShelterLogic greenhouses are made by heavy-duty steel. That steel comes with the necessary corrosion, rust, and peeling resistant coating to enhance its life. The greenhouse cover, on the other hand, also comes with triple coating and waterproofing, which ensure double protection against the wear and tear of the chassis. 

Are all windows have pest net?

This solely depends on the type of model you are going for. Some models come with all windows and openings pest net. But others have partially pest net. Some of them are completely open. Hence, if you live an area that has even mild pest infestation, you should invest in a greenhouse with pest netting in all windows. 

Are ShelterLogic greenhouses customizable?

Most of the ShelterLogic greenhouses are customizable, especially the shelve areas. The manufacturer believes in giving the user more control over the structure of greenhouses. That is why almost all the greenhouses are portable and customizable, which increases the overall value of the product as well. 

Is the thermal outer cover necessary?

This completely depends on the area you are living in. If you live in a warm area, you might want to look into buying a thermal outer cover since it protects the plants against unnecessary heat and rays. However, if you live in a relatively colder region, you can go for any greenhouse you like. 


Greenhouses are an absolute necessity as the temperature around the world is undergoing a change. Without a greenhouse, obtaining a good yield is next to impossible with the uncertain weather. Whether you are a beginner gardener or whether you grow crops for commercial purposes, investing in a greenhouse will be one of the best decisions of your life. In this article, we have reviewed the 5 best ShelterLogic greenhouses. Everyone is the best in its own category. As far as the overall top greenhouse is concerned, it is the ShelterLogic growIT greenhouse that is famous all around the world for its durability, sturdiness, and high value for money. There are other greenhouse manufacturers as well. However, ShelterLogic has made a reputation over time that has been maintaining for long years.

So that’s all from today’s Shelterlogic greenhouse reviews. Let us know if you have anything to know about this greenhouse in the comment section.

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