best anti siphon valve for irrigation system

Best anti siphon valve (2021)

Even though setting up an Anti-siphon valve, also known as an anti-siphon sprinkler valve is fairly easy. Selecting the right anti siphon valve for your garden is still a difficult task. Because of the endless varieties of anti-siphon valve available in the market. The seamless task has become pretty complicated over time. However, apart from making it difficult for consumers to choose the best anti siphon valve, the increased variety has only made sure there is a right anti-siphon valve that fulfill everyone’s needs. Besides choosing the ideal anti siphon valve, understanding the working and internal structure of a anti-siphon sprinkler valve plays a pivotal role. Especially if you want to employ all the features it comes with. 

When it comes to understanding the difference between different types of sprinkler valves, learning about important features and finding the top quality Anti-siphon valve, this article is your go-to guide. Apart from unbiasedly reviewing the 10 best sprinkler anti siphon valve, we have also listed a detailed buying guide and FAQ section for your ease. 

If you are not in a mood to read the whole review you can check the below list…

Best anti siphon valve for irrigation system

For our reader convenient we divide the entire review section into some subcategory. That list is given bellow

  1. Best Value For The Money : Rain Bird anti siphon valve
  2. Brass Anti Siphon valve : Orbit Anti-Siphon Valve
  3. Manual Anti-Siphon Valve : No products found.
  4. Electric Anti-Siphon Valve : Irritrol Anti-Siphon Valve
  5. Anti Siphon Valve with FC : Irritrol 311A-.75 Intl. Bleed ¾
  6. Irritrol Anti-Siphon Valve : Irritrol 2713 Anti-Siphon Valve
  7. Anti-Siphon Valve with strong Flow Control : No products found.
  8. Rain bird anti siphon sprinkler valve :Inlet Anti-Siphon Valve
  9. Champion anti siphon valve : Anti-Siphon Valve less Union
  10. Orbit Anti-Siphon Valve : Auto Brass Anti-Siphon Valve

Now let’s start the  main review of top anti siphon valve 

1. Best value for the money: Rain Bird anti-siphon valve      

The Rain Bird anti-siphon valve is known for its quick and easy functionality. It is a ¾-inch valve that supports water flow control. The best part is, it comes with universal functionality. Which means it can be used with all types of sprinklers and timers. This particular valve is designed to be used above ground and has the ability to prevent backflow for sprinkler heads 6 inches or above the highest sprinkler head. 

This valve comes with a reverse flow design that increases the overall reliability and efficiency of the device. Moreover, it provides an automatic and manual operating system. For manual controls, the product is equipped with a manual bleed screw. Also, it has a flow range from 0.2 to 22 gallons per minute. That is pretty vast and provides effective control overpressure. As compared to other this types of valves on the market, this Rain Bird valve provides the maximum efficiency and the highest value for money. 


  • It features extremely easy installation. 
  • The valve has top-notch flow rate control and water control. 
  • Very durable and sturdy. It is expected to last 10 to 20 years. 
  • It can endure harsh water environments. 


  • Cannot endure extremely cold temperatures. 
  • The threads deteriorate without proper maintenance. 

2. Brass Anti Siphon valve:  Orbit Sprinkler Anti-Siphon Valve

Specifically designed for larger landscape applications, this Orbit Sprinkler Anti-Siphon Valve comes with high-grade construction and an added diaphragm that prevents stress failure. Even though the valve has a number of variants, the most basic one is the ¾-inch variant that also features water flow control. As far as the features are concerned, this orbit Brass Anti-Siphon Control Valve offers top of the line specifications.

Every model is available in flow control as well as non-flow control models. It is modeled to be durable and sturdy. Thanks to which it can handle the high-pressure water systems of larger residential areas as well as small to medium commercial areas. This valve is available in a number of connection types including angle, globe, male x male, or male x barb connections. Thus, you can easily ask for the connection type that is compatible with your water system. Moreover, it is compatible with both manual and automatic water sprinkler systems. 

Pros :

  • Designed for larger residential areas and small to medium commercial areas. 
  • It can endure high water pressure. 
  • This valve comes in both, flow and non-flow, models. 
  • Its features a number of connection options as well.


  • Unscrewing the cap is pretty difficult. 
  • Features mechanical hooking. 

3. Manual Anti-Siphon Valve: IRRIGATION L4010 Manual Anti-Siphon Valve

This valve manufactured by Toro is specifically designed for irrigation purposes. However, it can be easily used in houses with sprinkler systems. This particular valve comes in 1-inch size, which means it can handle a higher quantity and pressure of water as compared to smaller valves. The Toro IRRIGATION L4010 Manual Anti-Siphon Valve is constructed using heavy-duty PVC which makes it ideal for underground and above ground installations. The product is designed to prevent any breakages and leaks due to high pressure. 

No products found.

Apart from preventing backflow, this valve features a jar-top bonnet that allows easy access to the diaphragm. Thanks to this, the maintenance and inspection become quite easy. The best part is, even though the valve is designed to be manual, it can be easily converted to an automatic system that is compatible with all kinds of sprinklers and water systems. 

Pros :

  • It is constructed using heavy-duty plastic. 
  • The A jar top bonnet makes inspection and maintenance very easy. 
  • This valve features easy installation. 
  • It has the ability to endure high water pressure. 

Cons :

  • The jar top bonnet can start leaking at times. 
  • It is not designed for extreme temperatures. 

4. Electric Anti-Siphon Valve: Irritrol 2713APR Anti-Siphon Valve 

This valve belongs to Irritrol’s 2700 series. The series is optimized to offer top-notch performance, ease of use and high reliability. It is not designed for commercial use but has a number of residential applications. As far as the capacity of this valve is concerned, it supports .25 gallons per minute to 30 gallons per minute water flow and approximately 10 psi to 150 psi pressure. The water flow control allows the user to set the flow of water and the pressure. 

The product is constructed using high-grade heavy-duty plastic and is designed such that it supports both manual and automatic functionalities. The best part is, it comes with a flush mode that features internal and external bleed allowing manual operation. Apart from this, the Irritrol 2713APR Anti-Siphon Valve also available in a Dpr Model and an Apr Model. Moreover, while installation, it does not require assembly and is extremely easy to install. 

Pros :

  • It has a high-pressure endurance range. 
  • The product offers optimum performance, reliability, and ease-of-use. 
  • It allows precise flow adjustment and manual shut off. 
  • Features a flush mode with Internal and External Bleed. 

Cons :

  • The cap tends to leak from time to time. 
  • It cannot endure extremely high and low temperatures. 

5. Anti-Siphon Valve with FC: Irritrol 311A-.75 Intl. Bleed ¾   

Another high-quality and heavy-duty anti-siphon valve by irritrol is this Irritrol 311A-.75 Intl. Bleed ¾. It features heavy plastic construction and has an upper-body constructed using glass-filled nylon. Apart from the upper body, the air vent is also constructed using a glass-filled nylon. The Buna-N diaphragm plays an extremely important role in the quality as well as the maintenance of an anti-siphon valve. This Irritrol valve features a double beaded nylon-reinforced Buna-N diaphragm that is rugged and increases the overall durability and sturdiness of the product. Just like other irritrol anti-siphon valves, this one also comes with a flush mode featuring internal and external bleed. 

The feature that makes this valve stand out among others is the fact that it can accept an omnireg modular pressure regulator. Hence, the user will be able to quickly and accurately set downstream pressure. As far as the maintenance is concerned, the valve comes with a removable and self-cleaning metering system. 


  • Glass-filled nylon construction used for the upper body and air vent. 
  • The Buna-N diaphragm is rugged and is made using double beaded nylon. 
  • The metering system is external removable and self-cleaning. 
  • It comes with a flush mode featuring internal and external bleed.


  • The valve is not removable. It is all constructed as a whole. 

6. Irritrol Anti-Siphon Valve: Irritrol 2713 Anti-Siphon Valve      

Irritrol is one of the top valve manufacturers. If you want to get your hands on top-notch and high-quality anti-siphon valves, going for an irritrol valve is the best option. This particular valve is a DPR model which means Diaphragm Pressure Regulator. Thus, it is designed to reduce the pressure and provide excellent water flow over a wide range. The valve supports water flow between 25 gallons per minute and 30 gallons per minute over a 10 psi to 150 psi pressure range. Thanks to this vast range, the users have maximum control over the flow of water as well as over the pressure of water.

This valve is designed for both underground and above ground functionality. Moreover, it comes with universal connectivity hence, it can be used with all types of manual and automatic sprinkler and water systems. It also comes with a flush mode which means it has support for internal and external bleed. 


  • It has a vast pressure range giving the user more control. 
  • It comes with universal connectivity. 
  • Construction is done using heavy-duty plastic. 
  • It can be used in both underground and above ground systems. 


  • Due to plastic construction, it cannot endure extremely low temperatures. 
  • Cap leaks if not threaded. 

7. Anti-Siphon Valve with strong Flow Control: Lawn Genie RJ anti-siphon valve 

If you are looking for a valve with strong flow control this Lawn Genie RJ anti-siphon valve is something that might interest you. It can be used in 24 VAC systems if you want to prevent the water outside from contaminating the water in the tanks. Since this is a professional grade valve, it is mostly used for irrigation systems as well as for commercial areas where the users are worried about irrigation water from entering the drinking water supply. However, this valve can also be used in larger residential areas. 

No products found.

As far as the installation is concerned, it comes with a pretty easy installation process but needs to be installed at least 6 inches above the highest downstream outlet in order to create and hinder the siphoning process efficiently. The flow rate supported by this valve is between 5 gallons per minute to 25 gallons per minute. 


  • It has an external bleed system to flush out dirt. 
  • The inlet and outlet are constructed using stainless steel. 
  • It has a wide range of water flow control.
  • It comes with a solenoid plunger to protect lost parts during maintenance.


  • It might leak at extremely high pressure. 
  • Teflon tape might be required to secure connections. 

8. Rainbird anti-siphon sprinkler valve: Inlet Residential Anti-Siphon Valve   

Another Rain Bird Anti-siphon valve that has made to the list of valves is this Inlet Residential Anti-Siphon Valve. As the name suggests, it is specifically designed for residential areas where the pressure requires is not very high and the water flow is moderate. The valve comes with a combination electric remote-control system, which means the user can control water flow and pressure conveniently with a remote.

Apart from this, the valve also has an in-built atmospheric backflow preventer. which means in case of rain, the system will hinder the siphoning preventing the backflow of water. It is easy to use and install as well. Despite being designed for residential use, it comes with heavy-duty construction and stainless-steel screws. 


  • It is energy efficient.
  • It comes with heavy-duty construction. 
  • The built-in atmospheric backflow preventer eliminates the risk of contamination. 
  • It can be used with remote control. 

Cons :

  • Plastic construction might pose an issue in very cold weather. 

9. Champion anti-siphon valve: 1″ Anti-Siphon Valveless Union – Imported 

With a high water flow control range, this imported valve with heavy-duty brass construction is ideal for all types of applications. Whether it is residential use or commercial use. It features a flow range of 5 gallons per minute to 35 gallons per minute. As far as the operating pressure of the device is concerned it can operate on anything between 25 psi to 150 psi. The brass construction makes it extremely durable and sturdy. 

As far the anti-siphoning is concerned, among the 10 valves listed, this one has by far the best anti-siphoning ability. It reduces the risk of contamination of tanks to almost zero. The waterways are full size which helps in preventing the pressure loss. The best part is, it comes with durable seals hence, no leaking issue unlike the plastic valves. on top of this, the valve is ideal for all kinds of water and sprinkler systems. 


  • It comes with sturdy brass construction. 
  • The loss of pressure is minimized with full-size waterways. 
  • It comes with durable seals hence leaking is minimized. 
  • It features universal connectivity. 


  • The package does not contain a union. 
  • It cannot be used with pipes that are less than 1-inch wide. 

10. Orbit Anti-Siphon Valve: 3/4-Inch Auto Brass Valve

Last but not least is this orbit anti-siphon valve that features heavy-duty brass functionality and comes support for automatic functionality. Unlike the previously reviewed brass valve, this one is compatible with smaller pipes and is designed for residential areas. It is compatible with 24-volt sprinkler systems and is designed to maximize efficiency and user comfort. 

If you don’t want to hire a professional for installation, you can easily do it at home thanks to the clear and easy installation process. The best part is, leaks and loss of pressure are minimized. It prevents any kind of tank contaminated.


  • Heavy-duty brass construction improves its lifetime to 20 years. 
  • You will not have any issue related to leaks.
  • Maximized efficiency and minimized pressure loss. 
  • It comes with universal connectivity. 


  • It is considerably heavy. 
  • The backflow preventer cap is very tight.

How does an anti-siphon valve work

How does an anti-siphon valve work
Anti-siphon valves are being extensively added to building codes mainly because they have helped builders and consumers solve a number of issues. Even though we are focusing on the use of the anti-siphon valve in sprinklers, the use of this system is not limited to sprinklers only. Rather, they are being employed in several different places in the house which includes toilet fill valves as well as external hose connections.

The basic concept of “Siphon” 

Before jumping to how an anti-siphon valve works, it is important to understand what a siphon is. A siphon basically refers to any pipe that is used to move any type of liquid from a higher location to a lower location based on a vacuum that develops and causes suction from the higher area to the lower area. The gravity also plays an important part in the movement of the liquid. 

Basic Functional mechanism of this valve

An anti-siphon valve is basically used to prevent the backflow of water. This is done by providing a siphon (pipe) break in an elevated loop at the highest point in the line. The point is usually installed near the sprinkler. It basically stops the accumulated water from flowing back to the tank. In many cases, the lack of an anti-siphon valve has contaminated tank water resulting in contamination of drinking water. The siphon break is actually another valve that allows a pocket of air into the hose to break the siphoning effect. This hinders the flow of water since the vacuum that produces the suction effect causing the flow of water breaks. 

Hence, without any added machinery, this valve conveniently restricts the flow of water when required. Which is why its applications are endless. Ships are one of the types of machinery that have benefited a lot from the invention of anti-siphon valves. Over the past few years, this valve has been added to marine heads and ship engines from protection against water. 

  Important things need to know and need to check before purchasing this valve 

Best Anti-siphon valve buying guide
Before moving on to the factors that play an important role when it comes to choosing the top quality anti siphon valve, let’s take a look at the different types of sprinklers available on the market. Because that thing will also help us to understand why the anti siphon valve is different and how can we identify the difference between a regular valve and this special types of valve.

Types of sprinklers available 

Sprinkler valves are basically identified and categorized based on their size, the size of their inlet connection, outlet connection size and the mechanism used. Some of the most commonly used sprinkler valves are:

Gate Valves  

These valves are most commonly used in systems that need manual activation and deactivation. You will find gate valves mostly in systems where there is a need to handle large amounts of water and water pressure. These sprinkler valves are categorized due to the disk-like gate that they utilize to hinder or allow the water flow. 

Ball Sprinkler Valves  

As the name suggests, these valves feature a hollow ball. The hollow ball swivels when turned and is used for water flow and pressure control. These valves are commonly found in heavy duty and high use systems mainly because of their ease of use. 

Automatic Sprinkler Valves 

Taking over most of the manual sprinklers are these automatic lawn sprinklers that are connected to electric control systems. These can also be timed based on when you want to water your lawn. 

Check Valve  

These types of sprinkler valves have a disc on top angled at 45 degrees due to which the water floats up. However, in the case of backflow, the opening of the filter gets sealed. 

Globe Valves 

Globe valves come with a stationary ring and a disc. These parts are used in combination to regulate the flow of water in the pipe. A Globe Valve also features water blocking abilities. 

Angle Valve  

As the name suggests, this valve throws out water at an angle. An angle valve comes with an outlet at the bottom and the top. However, for best results, it is advised that the valve is used with a backflow preventer. 

Connection type

The type of connection plays an important role in choosing the correct valve for your system. Before investing in this special type of valve, make sure you check what kind of system it needs to connect to water pipes. Most of the sprinkler valves come with either of the following valve connection systems.

  • FPT or FIP: Female threaded
  • MPT or MIP: Male threaded
  • Slip: Straight and smooth female connector
  • Barb: Male connector with barbs
  • NPT: National pipe thread
  • Union: Two-piece threaded connector that is found on either side of the valve in pairs. Hence, it features an easy connection and disconnection. 

Manufacturing material

Usually, valves are either constructed using brass or plastic. However, over the past few years, plastic has become the industry standard when it comes to valves. The main reason behind this change of trend is that plastic has a higher ability to withstand pressure and is highly cost-efficient as well. On top of this, plastic valves are more amenable to repairs. In the case of brass or any other metallic valves, they have to be completely repaired in case they endure any damage. The only advantage brass or metallic valves have over plastic is that they can withstand higher temperatures. Plastic valves tend to crack under extreme temperatures. Hence, if you live in areas where temperatures tend to an extreme, brass is a safer option for you. 


All types of sprinkler valves including the anti-siphon valves come with two types of functionalities. They either require manual activation or are connected to electric circuitry that makes the process of turning the valve on and off, automatic. In the latter, the user can program the sprinkler valves to water the area at the same time every day. Hence, giving the user more control. There are two types of automatic valves, electric and solenoid. The solenoid ones are remote controlled and are ideal for people who want to install their valves in different zones and use them accordingly. 


Before investing in this sprinkler valve, it is very important that you ensure the durability and sturdiness of the product. Since the valve will undergo immense pressure due to water, low-quality construction valves will start deteriorating in no time. Spending a great amount of money on low-quality products will do you no good. Hence, before investing in this type of valve, it is extremely important to make sure the product is durable. All the anti-siphon valves mentioned in this article are based on the fact that they are highly durable. 


Every product comes with a safety hazard. However, if you buy a high-quality valve from a renowned and well-reputed manufacturer, all the safety hazards will be tackled with. As compared to manual valves, the electric anti-siphon valves have a higher safety hazard. Hence, if you are a newbie and want to install an electric sprinkler valve on your own, make sure you go for something that is easy to install and is reliable on top of being functional. Otherwise, it is best that you seek professional help to avoid any accidents and inconveniences. 


If you don’t have a budget issue, anything like it. However, if you always advised that you consider the product’s value for money before you invest in it. Most people think that higher money means better quality and a longer lifetime. Where in some cases this is true, it is not true in most cases. Thus, before investing in this type of valve, it is advised that you stay vigilant and properly analyze the value of the product for the money.


Last but not least is the warranty of the product. Even though most manufacturers don’t provide a warranty with this types of valves, if you invest in sprinklers from well-reputed brands , you will get at least a 1-year warranty. Investing in valves with a warranty will help you a great deal, especially when it comes to maintenance. This is mainly helpful for people who live in areas with extreme weather. 


Some of the frequently asked questions regarding this special type of valves are:

Can this valve be used as the master valve? 

Yes, one of the benefits of an this valve is that it works very efficiently when used as the master valve. 

Can the user directly plug anti-siphon plugs into poly tubing? 

This completely depends on the type of valve you purchase. Some need adaptors while others come with an in-built adapter. 

Does this valve have flow control? 

This is another feature that is product-specific. If the product you invest in comes with a pressure regulator, it will allow you to control the flow. 

Is this type of valve compatible with the relay switch pump? 

Yes, it comes with support for the relay switch pump. However, the capacity of the pump support depends on the model of the product you are investing in. 


Valves are an extremely important part of the whole sprinkler system. They not only help to control the water access but also allow you to regulate the flow and pressure of the water. Apart from these basic functionalities, valves, especially anti-siphon valves feature top-notch safety measures as well. They prevent the area from flooding as well as hinder backflow that can contaminate the line leading to water-borne diseases. Moreover, the contamination of water lines can also cause trouble with your waterheads leading to malfunctioning.

This article was all about helping you find the best anti siphon valve for your home’s sprinkler system. We have listed the 10 best anti-siphon valves that you can invest in. These products were chosen based on the criteria mentioned in the buying guide. The best value valve mentioned in this article according to our judgment is the Rain Bird valve that features professional-grade manufacturing and supports above-ground installation that makes things easier when it comes to maintenance. It can be operated manually and automatically based on the user’s preference. The cherry on top is the Buna-N diaphragm that gives it the ability to perform well even in harsh water conditions. 

Apart from this, all the products mentioned in the article are top-notch and are manufactured via high-quality construction processes. Hence, every product has its pros and cons. This article is your complete guide to finding the best quality siphon valve for your home. However, besides this article you can also check our best sprinkler system review

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