Best Pitcher Pump Reviews (2020)

Best Pitcher Pump Reviews

For more than thousands of years, traditional hand pumps have been a lifesaver. People have extracted underground water with the help of manual pumps, which operated without the use of electricity. The efficiency of the pitcher pump cannot be misled. When your electricity goes out, your electric powered pump also stops its function. Luckily, if you have a manual small pump installed at home or garden then you are simply blessed. That’s why in this article we’ll talk about the best pitcher pump.

Pitcher pumps connect us to our roots. Apart from using it for drinking purposes, it can widely be used for other activities too. In case of emergency, these pumps keep working and never stop. If you are planning to install these pumps today in your garden or in your backyard, then you need to know the model attributes first. Therefore, let’s take a look at our selected top 6 pitcher pump reviews

Best Pitcher Pump Reviews

For our reader convenient we divide our whole review into some subcategory. That Subcategory is given below…

1. Best value for money:  Simons pitcher pump

2. Antique pitcher pump: Xtremepower US Pitcher pump

3. Cast Iron pitcher pump: Ridgeyard Pitcher pump

4. Cottage water pump: Design Toscano authentic water pump

5. Deep well pitcher pump: Tidyard garden hand water pump

6. Tall Pitcher pump: Vida XL Pitcher pump

Now Lets Start the main review

1. Best value for money:  Simons pitcher pump

One of the truly affordable pumps that can be used for all your daily pumping activities is the Simons Pitcher pump. This pump can be installed quite easily, without any expert help and supervision. In addition to that, the attributes of the pump are quite interesting as well. The best part of this pump is its design, which goes well with the rugged atmosphere. The ‘’portability and life-long service’’ is an assurance as well. 

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Coming to the parts attached, the bolts are strong enough to maximize flexibility and durability. You can trust the pump in terms of overall working conditions, budget along with efficiency in use. The cap over the top of the pump can also be adjusted according to the needs. You can check your own very own handle position and accordingly loosen or tighten the pump. Each and every part of this pitcher pump is made of good quality cast iron, thereby ensuring stability and strength. 


  • Every part of this pump is made of durable and strong cast iron. This not only minimizes strength but enhances the overall efficiency of the pump too. 
  • The budget for this pump is quite affordable as well. 
  • The cap of the pump can be worked according to specific needs. 


  • The pressure of this pump might not be too high.
  • No installation manual or user manual is provided. 

2. Antique pitcher pump: Xtremepower US Pitcher pump

If you are looking for a pump that can extract water from 25feet down below, then you can definitely get hands on the Xtremepower US Pitcher pump. This model comprises of definite features that will make you speechless. Apart from this excellent pressure quality, this pump is invested with a lot more. The price of this pump is more or less cheap and the quality is perfect. You can install this pump in an empty place at home, be it your backyard or the lawn.

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The best part of having this pump installed is its unique antique appearance. The stylish, as well as the sleek design of the pump, makes it up for a product that guarantees satisfaction. While the body of the pump is made of cast iron, the handle and other parts are made of aluminum. Plus, if you are nervous about using a manual pump for the first time ever, then this pump is a good choice to start with. Pumping water from a deep level under the ground is made simple, as you move the handles back and forth, in the same, moderate pace. 


  • The pump is durable and is extremely easy to use.
  • The parts are made of aluminum.
  • This pitcher pump is ideal for all your house areas, especially the garden!


  • Take some time out to read the long instruction manual, so that you can conveniently install the pump.
  • The plunger that connect with the inside rod is not strong enough and can be disconnect over time.

3. Cast Iron pitcher pump: Ridgeyard Pitcher pump

For a pump that has increased suction power, you need to stay focused on the Ridgeyard Pitcher pump model. This specific item is vested with qualities like ‘’flapper valve’’, along with ‘’good-quality lag bolts’’. The upper part of the pump is strong enough to optimize the working condition of the pump. 

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Coming to strength and portability, this pump has it all. The robust and rugged design of this pump creates a whole new holistic pumping experience. The water comes out swiftly in no time, because of increased suction power and pressure. The entire pump is made of highly sophisticated cast iron. Overall, the pump can suck water out from a depth of 25 feet below water.


  • This pitcher pump can be purchased at a relatively low price. All separate parts required during installation come attached to the packaging itself. 
  • The pump stands up for efficiency and maximizes strength.
  • The depth to which this pump can extract water is 25 feet, which is quite impressive.


  • This pump doesn’t have its separate user manual, which makes it quite difficult to understand the process of installation.
  • The pump might be a little too heavy, for those looking for a light-weighted and portable pump!

4. Cottage water pump: Design Toscano authentic water pump

It is good to take note of the features of traditional pitcher pumps that are best suited for all occasions. On that note, the Design Toscano authentic water pump is there to serve your needs. Sophisticated, yet traditional, this pump is just the right type of model that can beautify your backyard or house lawn. 

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When talking about the portability and quality of the pump, this model is made of cast iron. Crafted with fineness and perfection, this pump is within the budget of all buyers out there. The parts of the pump are also durable and nothing can beat the quality of it. 


  • For a pump that exceeds your expectations, the Toscano pump imitates the old traditional design, making it all the more fascinating.
  • The exclusive suitability of this pump makes it one of the most reliable models for installation at home lawns.
  • The budget for this product is inexpensive. 


  • No information is available on the overall pumping pressure

5. Deep well pitcher pump: Tidyard garden hand water pump 

If we consider a mounting suction pump model that meets all our desired water power criteria, we can definitely take note of this Tidyard garden hand water pump. The pump can be installed without any difficulties, provided that you attach the parts in order, as written in the instruction manual. This pump comes with press suction, allowing you to pump out water in a significant way. 

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The best part of having this pump is that we don’t need professional help for installation. The solid design of this pump brings back that old rustic charm. Pumping is not difficult with this pump at all. The overall internal parts, as well as the external body of the pump, are made of cast iron, which improves the efficiency and performance of the pump in a significant way. 


  • The price of this pump is very impressive, in terms of the features that are available.
  • The pump can be installed anywhere at home, even for decorating your garden area.
  • The cast iron body makes this pump sturdy and strong. 


  • While there is no cap provided, this pump is overall good for use.
  • No suction power information is available for this pump model. 

6. Tall Pitcher pump: Vida XL Pitcher pump

One of the best pitcher pump models that stand strong and tall in all conditions is the Vida XL Pitcher pump. This pump comes with its own set of features that have highly attracted its customer. The efficiency, as well as the performance of the pump, is top-notch, thereby assuring you of its great significance.

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The best part is its relatively affordable nature. The cast iron body of the pump makes it strong. Also, the pump comes with pressing installation technique, thereby helping buyers to install the pump without additional effort. The overall height of this pump is 51.6 inches!


  • The constructed material of this pump is that of cast iron, which enhances strength!
  • You can count on the portability of this pump and install it in any place you want to.
  • This water pump comes with a moderate height. 
  • The sleek design is not only impressive but the color green brings in the rustic feel as well. 


  • No user-manual is available with this pump! Therefore, installation becomes a little tough, but not impossible.
  • The suction pressure information of the pump is not available!

Important things to consider while buying the best Pitcher Pump

Important things to consider while buying the best Pitcher Pump
A pitcher pump is more or less a good way to get access to water when motor pumps fail to operate. This can be seen as a good way to keep yourself fulfilled, by simple manual techniques. However, buying a good quality pitcher pump can be a daunting task. Domination from top products makes us a little too confused about the model they should go for. Therefore, a brief buying guide that will help all individuals purchase the quality pitcher pump is as follows:

The type of pump

Evaluating your pumping needs is thoroughly essential. Therefore, you need to decide on the model that you are comfortable with. There are rotary pumps, along with pendulum pumps available. While the function is typically the same, the design differs. Even the suction power and the pressure requirements are not the same either. Therefore, you can check in with your requirements and purchase a model that you can operate without any complexities!

The flow of the water

The flow of the water
Apart from the robust aesthetics of the pitcher pump, users should also be evaluating the flow of water as well. Always, make sure that the increased flow helps in pumping water easily, without additional wastage of time. The sufficient speed of water will allow you to pump effortlessly!


One of the key segments that buyers misunderstand is the pressure of the liquid coming out above the level of the pitcher pump. Always check the outlet pressure points in the model that fascinate you the most. In addition to that, try to know more about pumping water, when the pressure is less. While regular models have sufficient pressure, you still should determine the maximum pressure of the pump, before buying it. 

Suction height

Suction height
Pitcher pumps are used to pump out water from a relative depth underground. Therefore, suction height is also a crucial factor here. Check the depth and height of the pump. For example, most models have 8m depth, which is relatively comfortable for first-timers. Always purchase a pump that will be easier for you to handle!

Average cost

Always have a budget in mind when looking for good-quality pitcher pumps. Think of the model, its attributes and other options, before investing in it! There are low-budget pumps available as well. Therefore, take some time out to prepare for the buying process, so that you end up with a relatively attractive model that does the job!

FAQ about Pitcher Pump

Buyers tend to have some basic questions in mind when purchasing the pitcher pump. In order to lay a helping hand, some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below:

What are the steps involved in the installation of the pump? 

One of the basic questions that buyers are plagued with is the installation process. Pitcher pumps need some extra care and attention, only because it is a source of instant underground water. Therefore, there are certain factors like transportation and portability involved in the installation process. Also, the location of the pump cannot be changed, once the whole system is set up. Therefore, you need to figure out the appropriate way to install the pump at home. In case you are having trouble, feel free to call the experts. 

What are the risks I need to be aware of? 

Pitcher pumps have some minor pumping risks that buyers need to be aware of. The water might not be as safe, as you think it to be. You need to make sure that you stay away from chemicals and hydrocarbons getting pumped with your water. Therefore, once the installation is completed, it is good to go for an additional filter, which will make your water pure and safe to drink!

Can I install the pump all by myself? 

If you are already aware of tasks similar to installing a manual pump, then you can go ahead and give your best shot. However, in order to avoid all sorts of extra work, you can also dial up the professionals here. With the use of the best tools and proper techniques, your pitcher pump gets set up in minutes. You do not have to worry further about pumping water. Also for emergency situations, you can take help from the specialists anytime!

What is the need for a shallow pitcher pump

If you are scared of not having enough water when your power goes off, then think of installing a pitcher pump. Such an instrument pumps up water from the shallow surface of the earth and instantly helps you with your daily chores. While there is nothing complicated associated with the pump, you must gain some knowledge, before finally purchasing it!

Are cast iron pumps better

While there are different varieties of pitcher pumps available like cast iron, semi-rotary, etc, there is nothing called ‘’good or bad’’ in this sector. What differs is the overall function, while the outer body remains strong and sturdy. You can purchase any type of pump you like, as far as it fits in with your needs!


Water installation gadgets in site the garden or backyard are always a concern for buyers. While competitive motorized and electric pumps have occupied the modern market, some buyers are resorting back to old pumps once again. This is all because of the flexibility and assurance of instant water source. There is so much to the use of the pitcher pump than just manual pumping. It’s one of the quickest ways to get water without much drilling. Even when you run out of power, these pumps can be a major life-saver as well. 

However, with all the merits that these manual pumps bring with you, installation is a tough process that you need to take care of. Make sure that you have a separate area for adjusting the pump. Also, pay attention to the material of the pump before purchase. Ultimately, what matters in a best pitcher pump that you should not regret later on. Read the instruction manual carefully, to address the needs of the pump and suck out water accordingly! So that’s all for today. Besides this article if you wish can also check our best sprinkler list which is also a very essential item for garden irrigation. 

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