best greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer

Best Greenhouse Thermometer And Hygrometer (2021)

Greenhouse is an enclosed space is well-constructed for plants to survive. To overcome frigid winters and extremely hot summer months, a greenhouse protects the plants with a cooler atmosphere. This is mainly because of the insulation that guards the walls and makes it quite interesting for plants to grow. However, while there are so many greenhouse accessories available in the market, one of the most vital ones is the greenhouse thermometer. Greenhouse temperatures need some special monitoring that can be easily done with the help of these thermometers. Compact and small in design, such a thermometer can take deep care of a vast array of factors. To maintain a perfect temperature balance, adjusting the settings of the thermometer can do enough. If you are not aware of the features, you definitely need to buy one. Below is some of the best greenhouse thermometer for a greenhouse.

Best greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer

In the below list we provide some subcategory. So that you can easily pick your require greenhouse thermometer.

10. Digital thermometer with the sensor: AMIR indoor thermometer

9. Greenhouse thermometer with alarm: AcuRite temperature gauge

8. WIFI Digital Thermometer: Govee WIFI Thermometer/ hygrometer

7. Waterproof digital thermometer: ThermoPro thermometer

6. Large wall thermometer: Bjerg wall thermometer

5. Copper outdoor thermometer: Instruments copper finish thermometer

4. Thermometer with humidity gauge: AcuRite thermometer and hygrometer

3. Mini thermometer hygrometer: 4-pack mini digital temperature

2. Best small indoor humidity monitor thermometer: No products found.

1. Best value for the money: ThermoPro Digital Wireless temperature

Now let’s check the detail review…

10. Digital thermometer with the sensor: AMIR indoor outdoor thermometer

One of the top quality thermometer models that look quite impressive is the AMIR Indoor-outdoor thermometer. The monitor is accurate enough to give you the exact temperature recording within the greenhouse. Plus, this model can measure the outside humidity as well. Three transmitters are attached to this thermometer. That helps to record temperature in different environment.


  • The best part of this thermometer is its maximum and minimum displays.
  • High quality LCD display
  • Very affordable price


  • The screws given with the packaging are too small. Therefore, you must mount them carefully.
  • The readings sometimes are not that accurate for indoor recordings. 

9. Greenhouse thermometer with alarm: AcuRite temperature and humidity gauge

One of the lesser-known thermometer models that you will be impressed with is the AcuRite temperature and humidity gauge. This model comprises of so many attractive features, leaving behind lots to explore. The best part of purchasing this thermometer is that there is an alarm clock attached as well. This thermometer is accurate, in terms of recording humidity in the air as well. The alarm gives the user notification when the humidity level is more or less than our desired level.


  • It takes only 10 seconds to get the temperature record.
  • The budget is inexpensive.
  • The entire program controls of the thermometer are customizable. 


  • No user manual is provided.
  • The pressure recordings are not clear

8. WIFI Digital Thermometer: Govee WIFI Thermometer/ hygrometer

This thermometer is embed with smart technology. The inbuilt Bluetooth of this thermometer can easily connect with its user’s device. After that the user can operate the model instantly. There are dual display modes attached to the thermometer. The LCD display gives both the temperature and the humidity recordings with clarity!


  • Both current and previous temperature history checking option available
  • Give pretty much accurate temperature and humidity
  • The price tag for this device is also cheap. 


  • No user manual is provided for buyers.
  • The wifi not compatible for 5 GHZ connection   

7. Waterproof digital thermometer: ThermoPro thermometer

Getting proper readings in the greenhouse helps your plants and crops to grow healthily. In order to monitor the changes with further accuracy, you can definitely try on the product, ‘’thermoPro thermometer’’. This model is efficient in terms of its size, design as well as its features. The best part of purchasing this thermometer is its budget. You can keep track of the atmospheric pressure as well, with this thermometer. 


  • The ideal part of this model is its compact design.
    • Provide pretty much accurate reading while use indoor or in greenhouse
  •  This device is waterproof and cold resistant 


  • Outdoor reading is not so accurate.
  • The thermometer is a little too small to mount on the wall.

6.  Large wall thermometer: Bjerg Instrument wall thermometer

For a thermometer for your greenhouse that meets your expectations, one of the most likable models in the market that have attracted the attention of user is the Bjerg Instrument wall thermometer. The slender and robust design of this thermometer makes it easy to mount on the wall with the help of screws. The packaging of this thermometer comes with a set of screws and a user manual. The 12-inch diameter makes this model a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor temperature readings!


  • You can get exact temperature readings with this device.
  • User get reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale. 
  • This product is very simple to mount on the wall.
  • Price is inexpensive. 


  • The pressure reading is inaccurate.
  • The steel frame is not rust proof.

5. Copper outdoor thermometer: Bjerg Instruments copper finish thermometer

One of the top notch thermometer models that will definitely impress you with its outstanding results is the copper finish outdoor thermometer. This model is backed by strong steel construction with stylist copper finish. This thermometer is  not only portable but sturdy as well. It thermometer can use for both indoor as well as outdoor temperature readings. Also, the recordings are available in both Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. 


  • Perfect for outdoor use.
  • It comes with an adjustable swing mount.
  • Mounting this thermometer to the wall can be done very easily. The basic height of this thermometer is 10inches. 


  • Steel part is not rustproof.
  • No pressure readings are available. 

4.  Thermometer with humidity gauge: AcuRite Indoor thermometer and hygrometer

 This is one of the well known quality traditional greenhouse thermometer. Therefore, AcuRite has never left its users disappointed with this Indoor thermometer and hygrometer. This model is backed by efficiency, solid structure, sophisticated construction, and high portability. 


  • The indoor temperature can be recorded in Celsius as well as in Fahrenheit.
  • You can operate the thermometer with your own comfort. 
  • Mounting instructions are available in the booklet that you receive with the packaging. 


  • Its reading is not so accurate to measure relative humidity.

3. Mini thermometer hygrometer: 4-pack mini digital electronic temperature 

This digital thermometer is fine in terms of its readings, followed by its technological inputs. The temperature range can be moderately calculated, in highs and lows. The maximum and minimum humidity is also shown on the glass LCD screen. You can catch up with the readings in percentage as well as in degrees. 


  • Very affordable price
  • Provide accurate readings in the Fahrenheit scale.
  • You can use this thermometer for all your indoor and outdoor readings, without much concern. 


  • Like most of the thermometer models available, there isn’t a proper guide book or user manual available.

2.  Best small indoor humidity monitor thermometer: Habor digital hygrometer 

One of the most popular thermometer models that are small and highly reliable is the Habor indoor digital thermometer. Vested with some of the best qualities like accuracy, slim design and exact pressure readings, this thermometer will blow your mind away. In addition you can check the range of temperature control as well. Monitoring the device is also very easy. 

No products found.


  • This thermometer doesn’t interfere with your comfort zone at all. 
  • One of the cheapest thermometer in the market
  • There is more than one mounting option present. 


  • While the operation is easy, the readings tend to fluctuate sometimes.

1. Best value for the money: ThermoPro Digital Wireless hygrometer temperature 

One of the most vital and one of the best greenhouse thermometer models that you can purchase today is the ThermoPro digital wireless hygrometer. This model is equipped with some special functions. Some of those features are enabling temperature control of your smart phones, in-built smart WIFI, etc. The best part of this device is an easy mounting feature, which involves no complex actions at all. There is a small backlight available at the back of the device. The LCD screen attached can be operated by touch!


  • It’s a cold resistant and waterproof device 
  • This thermometer gives  reading on Fahrenheit and Celsius scale
  • The glass LCD screen is sturdy and clear 


  • This thermometer needs more or less at list one hour to give exact outdoor temperature after setting. 
  • Make sure that you come to terms with the operational controls of the device, before using it!

What things to check before buying the best greenhouse thermometer

The greenhouse has its own private climatic conditions. The temperature within the house is regulated with the help of the thermometer, which makes it possible for plants and crops to grow, without any worries. While growing plants outside might not be favorable all the year through. Therefore, a greenhouse typically supports the growth of plants and nurtures them to perfection. To take care of the plants and keep track of different temperature variations, the need for the thermometer comes in. Therefore, a brief buying guide to help individuals in the purchasing process is as follows:

The material of the thermometer

The material of the thermometer
One of the basic factors that you need to check before purchasing the thermometer for your greenhouse is its material. Basically, thermometers are made of copper body or steel body. This material helps in maintaining perfect temperatures inside. Also, you must ensure that the thermometer is providing stability when recording temperatures.

Availability of Different models of thermometer

Availability of Different models of thermometer
There are various types of thermometers available in the market. It all boils down to the design that you are looking for, it’s unique and compact nature. There are thermometers with ‘’liquid-filled tube display’’, ‘’analog dials’’ etc. In addition to that, thermometers with LCD displays are also available. Therefore, you need to think more about the features that you want and then go for the model accordingly!

Temperature control

A thermometer that is use for greenhouse is not like a normal thermometer. Since it is used to record all sorts of temperatures within, you need to understand the minimum and maximum range as well. Buy a thermometer that has this flexibility of catching up with the ‘’high and low marks’’. This will further help in taking note of the controls and you will be able to adjust the temperatures accordingly!

Additional attributes 

It’s always a key factor to look for some additional features when buying a suitable product. On that note, users should also search for some extra attributes in the greenhouse thermometer. Maintaining the right temperatures within the closed walls of the greenhouse is also done with a thermometer that has WIFI in it. Some models are also equipped with Bluetooth options as well. You can instantly monitor the temperatures between Fahrenheit and Celsius and get the readings directly onto your device. Also, you can anywhere switch between digital or electronic thermometers, as per your interest. Taking a hint at technological inputs in various models will further enhance your buying experience!

Price range

Last but not the least, the price of the greenhouse thermometer is also a factor that you need to pay attention to. If you are willing to invest in a digital thermometer, the price might go up a little higher. On the other hand, normal thermometers are less pricey and will perfectly support you in recording temperatures. In addition to that, the overall cost of the thermometer can also vary, according to the features that are present in the model. 

With all of the factors listed above, buyers can now purchase any thermometer model they love, without any ambiguity!


Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below:

How do I install the thermometers? 

There is nothing called the installation of thermometers available. In order to use the thermometers, you must make sure that you hang them to the wall with the screws that come with the packaging.

How is the mounting done for the thermometer?

For buyers confused about the process of mounting the thermometer, then it’s done with the help of small screws. There are small brackets available at the back of the thermometer. You must remove the brackets before, insert the screws into the wall and then hang the thermometer accordingly!

How do I adjust the temperature recordings? 

Temperature recordings can be easily adjusted in the thermometer that you purchase. For instance, there is a small dial at the back of the model, which can you can control to make the reading accurate and perfect. Altogether, you can say that the temperature recorded is adjustable. 

What is the most common material of the thermometer? 

The most common material that is used for greenhouse thermometer is plastic. In case of LCD screen the exterior is made by glass. Overall, any thermometer you purchase is sturdy and flexible in nature. 

Are greenhouses thermometers waterproof?

Not all greenhouse thermometers you come across in the market are waterproof. Therefore, you can definitely purchase a thermometer, which is water-resistant. But the overall cost by going up a little higher because of this feature!

Are thermometers prone to rusting?

Some thermometers metal part can face the rusting problem. However, you need to make sure that you keep the product away from direct sunlight. 


The effective merits of the greenhouse cannot be neglected. It is with the help of the best greenhouse thermometer that you can regulate temperatures within its walls. In addition to that, you need to ensure that the temperature you are adding to your crops is optimized. Apart from using a heater to bring the balance the temperatures, a thermometer can give you the best possible monitoring, thereby taking care of elements like humidity, associated temperatures, etc. These thermometers come with a wide range of possible climatic control conditions, thereby stabilizing the optimal temperatures within. 

Therefore, if you want to take good care of your greenhouse as top gardeners do, then go ahead and try out one of the thermometer that we suggest above. However, you can also choose other thermometer that are available in the market .But it is really important that you read the user guide before using it so that you can set the controls accordingly. So that’s all for this article, If you people like can also check our top grow light list which is another essential accessories for greenhouse. 

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