Walk in greenhouse reviews

Walk in greenhouse reviews: Selected best 7

It’s every gardener’s dream to have a greenhouse in their backyard . Moreover, if it’s a walk in a greenhouse where we can stand inside it’s always an extra add on. Walk in greenhouse mostly suitable for relatively large size plants. Recently I was looking for a walk-in greenhouse for my bonsai and orchid plants. So that I can protect them from extra heat and cold in different seasons. Thanks to my gardener friends and neighbors for their useful suggestions. I also take different forums and facebook group suggestions before purchasing my greenhouse. After all my research I made a list of the top ten walk in greenhouse. And also purchase one from this list. Today I am going to talk about those greenhouse in this walk in greenhouse reviews and also talk about the best one that I have purchased.

Walk in greenhouse reviews 

For our readers convenience we divide the entire review into some subcategory. That subcategory list is given below

  1. Best Overall: indoor Walk-In Greenhouse
  2. Mini walk-in greenhouse: Nova greenhouse
  3. Deluxe walk in greenhouse: Gosunny greenhouse
  4. Walk in tunnel greenhouse: Best choice product greenhouse
  5. Walk-in greenhouse with shelves : Ohuhu greenhouse
  6. Portable walk-in greenhouse : Ohuhu greenhouse
  7. Pop up walk in greenhouse: EAGLE PEAK greenhouse

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1. Best Overall: indoor Walk-In Greenhouse 

Well, this is the walk in greenhouse that I purchased for my garden. Comparing the price level and other product features, this one is the best in my opinion.Becausethis product is made of alloy steel and polyvinyl chloride so sunlight can easily pass inside the greenhouse. Its dimension is 56.3” (L)* 56.3” (W)* 76.7 (H) inches which is perfect for my bonsai and orchid plants. It has 8 durable shelves where I can easily organize my plants.

This greenhouse is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If the user doesn’t have any larger space then he can also set this up in the balcony. The assemble system of the greenhouse is so easy. One can use it in any season. No matter if it’s too hot, too cold or rainy season, the user can easily use it. And the product will give the best protection in every season.

What I like about the product 

  • The setting up process is really easy and it doesn’t even take an hour. And the process is really straightforward. Any gardener can assemble this
  • Comes with 8 metal shelves. So I need not purchase any additional sleeve.
  • Very reasonable price and affordable price
  • Can easily use for outdoor backyard and indoor terrace or balcony

What I don’t like about the product 

  • The zipper is not strong enough and can be broken down over time.

2. Mini walk-in greenhouse:Nova Microdermabrasion greenhouse

My second choice in this walk in greenhouse list is a greenhouse of the Nova Microdermabrasiobrand . The dimension of this item is (57 x 57 x 77) inches and its weight is 21 pounds. The greenhouse is made in such a way that, it can hold seed trays, pots, even when the plants become bigger. It has 8 shelves where the gardener can arrange the plants. The design is really user friendly so, no one needs any extra materials to setup the greenhouse. It has the perfect size so it’s really easy to move anywhere.

What I like about the product

  • Its a lightweight and portable greenhouse
  • Durable and powder coated metal framework make this greenhouse a strong product
  • Built in greenhouse shelves where user can put all their plants
  • Comes with anchoring rope and stakes that gives the greenhouse solid stability against strong wind .

 What I don’t like about the product

  • Its plastic fabrics are not durable and can be tear down over time

3. Deluxe walk in greenhouse: Gosunny plant gardening greenhouse

If you are looking for a bit more space then you should go for Deluxe greenhouse. It has 12 wired shelves. And on each side there’s two shelves. The product comes with green color and window version. It made with PE, steel and plastic. The size of the product is (56 x 56 x 77) inches. It provides the plants enough ventilation and growing space.  This greenhouse is made with heavy-duty powder coated steel and that makes this product rust proof. It also has 4 ropes and 4 stakes that secure the greenhouse from being blown down by the heavy wind. It has a very strong and long lasting life span. Zippered roll-up door and walk-in style made this process so much easy and user friendly for all.

What I like about the product

  • It has two windows to provide the best ventilation.
  • Comes with 12 mental selves
  • Easy installation process
  • very light weight so easily portable from one place to another

What I don’t like about the product 

  • The wind can toss it around if the anchor isn’t put perfectly.
  • The plastic joining part of this greenhouse is not strong enough

4. Walk in tunnel greenhouse: Best choice products zipper door greenhouse 

If you are looking for a big size walk in greenhouse for your backyard then Best Choice Products Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel can be the ideal option. This product is made of steel PE Mesh. Its dimension is (180 x 84 x 84) inches and weight is 61.3 Pounds. The gardener can walk through the tunnel and look after their plants.

What I like about the product

  • Powder coated  metal part framework increase the durability of the product
  • Four windows in each side total eight windows ensure proper ventilation
  • This greenhouse has very strong and quality framework
  • Very wide space inside the greenhouse

What I don’t like about the product

  • Mismatch holes on the fabrics make the  assembling process difficult sometimes.
  • Replacement parts of this greenhouse is hard to find in the market

5.   Walk-in greenhouse with shelves: Ohuhu greenhouse

If you already go through this review article then you may find that most of the walk in greenhouse in this list comes with selves. This one is also a greenhouse with shelves.It has 12 shelves and 2 side windows. The windows regulate optimum airflow and keep plants warm.  Itsmeasurement is 56.3” (L) x 55.5” (W) x 76.8” (H) that gives plants enough space to grow. The zippered roll-up door makes the design more unique.

What I like about the product

  • Cover are UV resistant and water proof
  • Made with rust resistance mental tube
  • Comes with multiple selves

What I don’t like about the product 

  • In summer, the greenhouse gets hot very quickly.

6. Portable walk-in greenhouse:Quictent brand greenhouse

Next is walkin greenhouse is also one of my favorite though its little pricey. Things I like most about this greenhouse is its double door system in both site . Needless to say this one is also for those gardeners who plan to buy a big size greenhous. Thisgreenhouse has 6 side vents for proper ventilation. Its dimension is12’x7’x7′. This product is made with heavy duty 2 layers PE cover and it’s fully waterproof. 85% sunlight can go through this transparent cover. But, yet it protects the plants from burning.

What I like about the product

  • High quality screen door protect the plants from small insects
  • Metal part are very strong and coated
  • Double zipper door in both side of the greenhouse
  • Double layer mash PE fabrics cover

What I don’t like about the product

  • Its a lightweight greenhouse , so if use are living in a place which is so windy then this greenhouse is not the ideal option because wind and storm can easily blown it agay

7. Pop up walk in greenhouse: EAGLE PEAK greenhouse

What I like most about this greenhouse is it’s pop-up feature like an umbrella.. One can easily setup this greenhouse without any second person help because of this option. User can easily adjust the height and angle of the roof of this greenhouse by using it adjusting button. It has a front and rear roll-up zipper entry door and two large windows. It’s made with the best quality frame and fabric. thisgreenhose has a dimension of (94.49 x 70.87 x 91.7) inches and weighs 35.05 pounds. No tools or assembly needed for this product. This is a very convenient and user friendly product.

What I like about the product 

  • instant pop up roof feature
  • large enough to contain a quality potting bench and plants selves inside it.
  • Water resistance fabrics
  • very lightweight and easy to set up

What we don’t like about the product 

  • Zipper of this greenhouse is not up to the mark and can be broken women over time.

What is the main key feature we should look for when purchase a walk in greenhouse 

What is the main key feature we should look for when purchase a walk in greenhouse

There are few key features that every gardener should follow at the time of buying a walk in greenhouse. Those are given below:

Material of the greenhouse

While purchasing the walk in greenhouse it is always better to select glass greenhouse or polycarbonate greenhouse. so that the user does not have to face any sunlight related issue. Because those materials are ideal for the greenhouse

Number of window 

While selecting the whalkin greenhouse it’s always better to select a greenhouse which has at least more than one window. This window’s help to maintain the temperature and air flow.

Greenhouse shelves 

Greenhouse shelves

 Its always better to purchase a greenhouse that comes with selves. so that the user need not to purchase any shelves separately for his walk in the greenhouse.

Quality of the zipper: 

Quality of the zipper

If it is a zipper greenhouse then before buying it one should obviously check the zipper quality. Because, if the quality of the zipper is not good  and if it break down then the greenhouse will difficult to use

Metal frame quality and strength: 

Metal frame quality and strength

 While choose a walkin greenhouse its always important to check the metal parts quality . In my case I always prefer a greenhouse whose metal part are powder coated. So that it doesn’t rust when placed in any outdoor area.


What can I grow in a walk in greenhouse?

We can grow any kind of plants in a walk in greenhouse, especially the plants that needs more care. We should also go for a walk in greenhouse for those plants that need proper ventilations, sunlight, and heat.

How to Use a Greenhouse in winter?

In winter there’s sometimes heavy snowfall or there’s cold outside. So, in order to protect our precious plants we need to be careful about the use of the greenhouse. In winter, we should fix a few heaters inside the greenhouse according to its size. And before the snowfall or when the temperature will start falling, we should zip up the door and close the windows of the greenhouse. And because of the heavy wind sometimes the green house can destroy. So, we should also put some bricks on every corner of the greenhouse.

How Climate affects Your Greenhouse?

Climate change affects the greenhouse a lot. If we aren’t concern about the climate then our plants may die.In the winter season the plants can get frozen, so we need to set up a few heaters to save our plants. And in the rainy season the plants can get rotten if there’s too much water inside the greenhosue. So, If its medium or large size greenhouse we should make sure that there is a proper drainage system inside the greenhouse. And in the summer, sometimes the temperature gets too hot, so we need to work on maintaining the temperature by setting a greenhouse fan. Otherwise the plants inside greenhouse will die for over heat.

What can we grow in a greenhouse in summer?

We can grow the seasonal vegetables and the summer fruits or flowers in the summer time. Basically, greenhouse is the best project for seasonal planting. And in the summertime we can grow the plants that can bear the hot weather.

Last words:

 So thats all from this walk in greenhouse reviews. I just try to accumulate all my knowledge that I gain from my own research. My suggestion would be if you are a beginner or if you dont have a big area on your backyard and garden then go for Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse that I choose for by backyard and also put its review in the first place in this article. But if you are looking for a big size walk in greenhouse then double door tunnel greenhouse will be ideal for you.

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