Best Heater for Small Greenhouse

Best Heater for Small Greenhouse : Top 5 list

As a gardener, we know it’s not an easy job to grow something if you don’t live on the warmer side of the earth. Especially in winter, it almost becomes impossible to keep the plants alive. That’s why greenhouse gardening has become a popular way of growing your favorite plants all over the year. Now, no matter what type of greenhouse you have, it won’t keep the inside warm all by itself. So, what can we do when to save our precious plants when the temperature heats zero? A greenhouse heater is a popular solution to this problem. By using this heater, we can easily keep our plants healthy during the cold. In this article, we have compiled a list of five of the best heater for small greenhouse. Without wasting any time, let’s see what these heaters are offering.

Best Heater for Small Greenhouse 

For readers convenience the entire review is divide into some subcategory

  1. Overall best: AgiiMan outdoor greenhouse heater
  2. Bio green greenhouse heater: Palma Greenhouse Heater
  3. Hanging greenhouse Heater: Colliford greenhouse heater
  4. Electric greenhouse heater: AKUSAKO heater
  5. Waterproof greenhouse heater: iPower greenhouse heater

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1. Overall best: AgiiMan outdoor greenhouse heater 

So, coming up at the top of our list the AgiiMan outdoor patio heater, one of the best small greenhouse heaters you can find out there. AgiiMan has done an excellent job of putting together a balanced pack here. This is a 120V, 1500 watts heater which means it has the capacity to generate enough heat to serve the demand. For the price, that’s quite impressive. The heater comes equipped with a cable of over seven feet. This cable allows you the freedom of placing the heater anywhere you want inside the greenhouse. The form factor is a crucial factor for small heaters.

AgiiMan patio heaters have one of the most compact and lightweight form factor on the market. You can easily place the heater around without any inconvenience. Additionally, the heater allows a 90 degree head movement, so you can deliver heat at different direction. There are three different modes of operation, fan mode, warm mode, and heating mode. The heating mode allows you to generate the heat you want, warm mode is for keeping the heat consistent and lastly the fan mode can be used to cool things down when needed. Despite being a charger with such power ad functions available, the heater is extremely quite too. IN case it gets too hot, there is a overheat protection system which automatically shuts the heater off. Overall, this heater offers great value for the money.

If you have a small greenhouse that needs warming up to keep this fresh, this heater has all the right qualities to do so.

 What we like about this product 

  • AgiiMan has the perfect blend of durability and portability
  • You can rotate the head according to your need
  • Over seven feet of power cable for ultimate freedom of placement
  • This heater offers excellent value for money
  • Overheat protection to prevent discomfort or any accident
  • Different operation modes to control the temperature

What we don’t like about this product 

  • The heater isn’t great for multipurpose use
  • The thermostat has some accuracy issue

2. Bio green greenhouse heater: Palma Greenhouse Heater

The previous heater I talked about was from budget segment. But if you want to install something more permanent, powerful and premium for your greenhouse, you should check out this Big Green PAL greenhouse heater. This is an 110V, 1500 watt heater. So, in terms of raw heat generation, this heater is no les that any compact options out there.The durable stainless steel casing are another important feature of this heater. Besides, the control panel and display unite have IP X4 spray waterproofing. So, you can place it in your greenhouse without worrying about water damage. Just like the previous AgiiMan heater this one has similar shape, weight and head rotation option. So, in terms of portability and movement, Bio Green Pal gets the full marks.

Operating this portable heater is pretty simple. There are knobs behind the carrying handle to control the thermostat and switch between different modes. There is a separate control module with a display on top that allows you to see the numbers and control the thermostat. Overall, you’ll get the maximum control over the heat with this Big Green heater. If you are after the best and there is no budget restriction, this heater can be a great addition to your greenhouse. On top of that, Big Green plan is extremely efficient, so you don’t have to worry about the bill after the purchase.

What we like about this product 

  • Big Green Pal has a durable stainless steel construction
  • IP X4 spray water proofing protects against water damage
  • Compact and lightweight from factor makes it great for small greenhouses
  • Thermostat control with display offers a better operation
  • You can cover a massive area of 120 sq. ft. with this heater
  • Energy efficient which means every low electricity cost

 What we don’t like about this product 

  • The price can be an issue for some people
  • Some unit has thermostat accuracy issue

3. Hanging greenhouse Heater: Colliford greenhouse heater 

If you are planning to try something different other than conventional stand mounted heaters, the Colliford can be the perfect choice for you. Rather than sitting on the flow, this heater handing from the ceiling can add a different look to your greenhouse. As far as the performance goes, this heater can compete with any small heater with the similar, 110V, 1500 watts on paper. For greenhouse use, this should be able to generate more than enough power. However, there is one extra feature in this heater which other options lack. You can adjust the wattage at three different numbers according to your need, offering great flexibility in terms of use. With infrared heating technology, you can achieve your desired thermostat within seconds. For greenhouse use, water resistance is a very important feature of the heater.

In that regard, Colliford heater does an excellent job by providing IP55 water resistance with the heater. To protect the heater itself and the greenhouse plants, there is an overheating protection in place. The price is pretty reasonable too, considering you are getting 5000 hours bulb lifespan. The heater comes with a 5 feet long power cable, which means you can hang the heater anywhere you want inside the greenhouse. Overall, this heater can be a great out of the box option for people who wants a decoration piece in the form of heater. Also, adjustable wattage and quick heating makes it one of the best infrared heaters out there.

What we like about this product

  • Adjustable wattage to control heat according to your need
  • One of the best bang for buck greenhouse heater
  • Unique ceiling mounting style adds style to your greenhouse
  • Six feet of power cable allows freedom of installation
  • 5000 hours+ bulb means you have a guaranteed long lifespan
  • IP55 water resistance for the best protection against water damage

What we don’t like about this product 

  • Ceiling installation can be limiting in some greenhouses

4. Electric greenhouse heater: AKUSAKO greenhouse heater 

Here we are back to the stand mounted greenhouse heaters again. AKUSAKO might not be as popular as the Big Green, but it has every bit of performance and features that heater offers. On top of that, the price is relatively lower, which earned AKUSAKO a place on this list. On the performance front, AKUSAKO is offering the conventional 120V, 1500 watts spec. If you buy this for dedicated greenhouse us and know how much area that numbers should cover, you’ll be more that satisfied with the performance. As per AKUSAKO, this heater can cover 175 sq. ft. of space easily with good insulation. Digital thermostat control, is an important aspect of a good greenhouse heater. Because, even the slightest change in temperature can be catastrophic for the plants inside. That’s why, with the thermostat control unit, you can control and monitor the temperature accurately.

If the temperature increases drastically, there is also overheating protection to auto-shutoff the heater. On the heater itself, there are two control knobs too. One knob is for controlling the fan speed and temperature while the other is for switching between different modes. There are two modes available, fan only and heater mode. Overall, this AUSAKO has got almost all the great features offered by the pricier Big Green pal. Though it lacks some operation modes and rated water protection, it has plenty to offer to become a sound investment for your greenhouse.

What we like about this product 

  • AKUSAKO greenhouse heater has a durable steel casing
  • It has the perfect size and lightweight for small greenhouse use
  • Separate digital thermostat device for best temperature control
  • Overheat protection to prevent any extra heating
  • This heater can cover up to an area of 175 sq. ft. with good insulation

What we don’t like about this product

  • The heater could have used some more operation mode

5. Waterproof greenhouse heater: iPower greenhouse heater 

We are going to wrap it up with another fairly popular heater, iPower electric heater for greenhouse. If you have a moderate budget and looking for a heater that can match the features and performance of pricier options, this heater is definitely worth looking into. So, right of the bat, one thing that really took our attention is the solid build quality and stylish look of the heater. With a black steel housing, this heater will look super stylish in any greenhouse you place it. Moreover, the housing is not just for how as the heater also comes with IP X4 spray water proofing. So, you can work without worrying while watering your plants around the heater. Portability and compact from factor has been a key to unlock the versatility of this heater.

Though it’s a greenhouse heater, you can use it elsewhere for other purposes when the greenhouse doesn’t need it. The carrying is super convenient to with the carrying handle. The performance here is equally impressive as the build quality. This iPower 120V, 1500W heater can easily cover a greenhouse up to 160 sq. ft. This heater has raid heat up, which means you don’t have to wait for minutes for the heater to reach certain temperature. Additionally, there is overheating protection, which means you don’t have to constantly monitor the heater temperature. I ca shut off itself once the targeted temperature is reached. All things considered, iPower heater is a stylish heater which packs enough to get the job done. For, the price, the lack of digital thermostat control unit can be a matter of complain. Still, other aspects are still pretty solid and worth the purchase.

What we like about this product

  • The stylish look with black metal casing looks cool
  • IP X4 rating offers protection against spray water damage
  • The portability allows easy carry to other places and adds versatility
  • The heater shuts off automatically once it reaches certain temperature
  • Around 160 sq. ft. of greenhouse space can be covered with the heater
  • Seven feet of power cord for convenient power connection and placement

What we don’t like about this product 

  • Digital thermostat control unit is absent in this heater
  • The housing gets rusted over time

What things you need to check before purchase a greenhouse heater 

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With the development in different gardening tools and change in climate, people are moving away from the idea of outdoor gardening more and more. These days, you can easily grow plants inside a greenhouse without worrying about the outside weather. To maintain the temperature during cold, electric heaters have been an integral part of greenhouse gardening, shifting from paraffin heaters used in the past. If you want the best heater for a convenient greenhouse gardening experience, here are the features you should look for.


As we are talking specifically about small greenhouse, the size of the heater is the first thing you need to consider. Look for something that’s compact and durable and yet lightweight enough to carry around the greenhouse according to your need. Here the greenhouse size is a consideration too, because “small” can be a subjective term. In that case the heater also have to be big and powerful enough to cover the greenhouse.

Water resistance heater 

Water resistance heater

Water resistance is a must, if you want to protect your investment in the long run. Inside thegreenhouse, of course there can be instances where you might accidentally splash onto the electric heaters. In that case, the water resistance will make sure there is no water damage. Typically, IP X4 is the most common protection and its capable of prevent ant spray water. That’s the minimum water resistance you should look for. Some heaters even come with IP55 rating, and that’s even better if you can get one of those.

Overheat protection 

It’s not possible for everyone to constantly monitor the thermostat with the heater. In that time, any temperature rise can be catastrophic for the plants inside the greenhouse. In that situation, overheat protection can be super handy as the heater can measure the ambient temperature. When the necessary level I reached, it can shut down the heater automatically. That’s why overheating protection is an important thing to consider.

Digital thermostat control 

Digital thermostat control

Typically, small greenhouse heaters have knob controls on them. With the knob you can switch between different mods and control the thermostat. But if you can increase your budget a bit, you should look for heaters that comes with separate thermostat monitoring and control unit.

This separate units with display provides additional control over the temperature and allows you to control the temperature precisely.

Energy efficiency 

Though heaters are infamous for electric costs, greenhouseheater’s use relatively low electricity and inexpensive to run. However, if you are particularly concerned about the electricist, you should check out if the heater has energy saving mode. This feature will use the exact amount of electricity necessary and stops drawing power once the targeted thermostat is reached. Not only it saves the electricity, it can also play a role in increasing the lifespan of your greenhouse heater.


Q: Are greenhouse heaters expensive?

The expense here can be divided into two category. One, is the price of the heater itself and the other is the cost of running the heater. From both these aspect, I can confidently tell you that greenhouse heaters are quite inexpensive compared to gas heaters. As for the price of the unit, greenhouse heaters are used all over the world and it’s a common practice. So, they come in pretty cheap and no matter what they cost, they are usually worth investing into. Then comes the running cost, which is again fairly low because greenhouse heaters are usually that powerful compared to heaters used at home.

Q: Which is the best heater for the small space greenhouses?

Instead of a particular mode, we are trying to give you a general idea about features to look for to find the best heat for small greenhouses. So, the first thing you should look for is the compact form factor and portability as you have limited space. Then comes the water resistance, which is important for any heater regardless of the space. It’ll protect your investment against any water damage. Lastly, you should check out is the overheat protection and digital thermostat control. This will allow you to control the temperature accurately and prevent any accidental heat-up. Since the Bio Green PAL heater has all the qualities I mentioned, it’s one of the best heater for small greenhouse.

Q: When and where to use a greenhouse heater?

There is no fixed timeline on when you should starting using greenhouse heater as the level of cold and winter time can be different. So, looking out for the temperature is the best way of determine the time. Typically, a temperature below 45 degree Fahrenheit is considered cold for greenhouses and that’s when you should start using the heater.As for the placement, you should pick a spot at one end of the greenhouse, so the heat can blow end to end and keep the ventilation going. There are two things about placement you should consider carefully. One is that keep the heater away from water, and place it away from the foliage inside greenhouse so that it doesn’t rip apart due to the heat.

Q: What is the ideal temperature for a greenhouse?

There is no idea temperature as such because the ideal temperature vary from plant to plant as well as where you are living. But as a rule of thumb, you should consider a temperature between 64 to 75 degree Fahrenheit as the ideal temperature. Greenhouse can row a certain types of plants and crops and for most of them, this range is the most appropriate one.


If you have been gardening for a long time, you should know that there is no alternative of a greenhouse heater if you want to grow plant during winter. With the heater placed, you can just forget about the cold outside and keep planting as you wish. All the options we have discussed above are some of the best heater for small greenhouse you’ll find on the market. All you have to do is just pick one according to your budget and you should be good to goo.  But if your confusion still persists, the buying guide will always be here to browse other options outside and decide what the best pick for your greenhouse is.

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