Best ATV Disc Harrow and Plow

Best Disc Harrow And Plow :Top 5 List

Prepping the soil is one of the most important steps when it comes to gardening. Unfortunately, the important task is pretty time consuming and strenuous. However, if you opt for prepping the soil via ATVs and ATV disc harrows, you will not only save a lot of time but will also save a lot of effort. A disc harrow is a very productive and useful gardening tool that helps professionals and domestic gardeners in tilling the soil over the ground. It also chops away useless weeds and removes any crop residue (roots). ATVs, also known as quad-bikes, are being extensively used by professional gardeners nowadays. It helps you plow acres of lands within minutes however; the efficiency of tilling depends on the type and quality of disc harrow you connect with the ATV. This article is all about helping you find the best disc harrow for your garden. 

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Best Disc Harrow Reviews

For our reader convenient we divide our review section in some subcategory. So that they can easily find their required disc harrow. That category of those top-quality ATV disc harrow is given below…
  • Best value for the money: Black boar ATV/UTV disc harrow
  • Agri fab disc harrow: Agri-fab ground-engaging attachment sleeve disc cultivator
  • Farm star disc harrow: Disc harrow model number 940420
  • Groundhog max atv disc plow: Groundhog GHMAXNOKIT ATV disc plow
  • Field tuff atv disc harrow: Field tuff ATV-DH disc harrow for ATVs/UTVs
  • King Kutter atv disc: King Kutter flip over disc 

Now lets tart the review…

1.  Best value for the money: Black boar ATV/UTV disc harrow

This disc harrow for ATV features a unique and classic parallel towing design that not only provides heavy-duty functionality but also makes prepping large fields easier. Many gardeners and farmers consider it the best choice, especially when you prefer efficiency over everything else. The Camco Black Boar ATV is pretty versatile and can also be used on UTVs. 

It comes with 8 discs with sharp teeth specifically designed to break the toughest of grounds. The harrow gives users the ability to adjust both sides independently. The flexibility provided is from 0 degrees to 15 degrees to 30 degrees. However, it is designed to be adjusted on both, rear and front side, increasing the flexibility to a total of 60 degrees which is unmatched. 

The best part is, the user has complete control over the equipment and can adjust it based on his/her needs. As far as the operation of the product is concerned, it relies on the 66000 motorized lift but can also operate with a 66013 life manually. The middle compartment weight platform is pretty reliable and versatile as well. 


  • Designed using durable steel. 
  • The range of motion is diverse and versatile. 
  • The unit is overall lightweight. 
  • Installation is very easy. 


  • It can only be mounted on a specific type of rear rail. 
  • Sometimes, it can start rattling on bumpy trails. 

2.  Agri fab disc harrow: Agri-fab ground-engaging attachment sleeve disc cultivator 

Another versatile disc harrow that made it to the list of 6 best disc harrow is this Agri-Fab Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Disc Cultivator 45-0266. On top of being a versatile tool, it comes with an ergonomic design that provides a highly efficient, functional, fast yet economical working. The disc harrow, however, requires a sleeve hitch to work. Fortunately, if you invest in a sleeve hitch, you can easily install it at the back of your ATV. This Agri-Fab harrow boasts a working width of 30 inches to 38 inches that makes it easier to adjust every individual disc according to your preference. 

Apart from providing top-notch functionality, the disc harrow is lightweight yet durable and sturdy. The device is constructed using steel and comes with treatment for rust and corrosion resistance. Most of the device is constructed in the US, however, some parts, for the sake of quality assurance are imported from other countries. Thanks to its lightweight, the movement and maneuverability are pretty easy and efficient. 

The Agri-Fab Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch Disc Cultivator 45-0266 has a total of eight discs and each one of them is eight inches in diameter which is more than enough for proper and ideal functionality. 


  • The working is very smooth and practical. 
  • It just not vibrate or rattle on bumpy ground. 
  • It can be used on loosely packed soil. 
  • The product is durable, sturdy and lightweight. 


  • It can get stuck on a wetland. 
  • It has limited compatibility. 

3.  Farm star disc harrow: Disc harrow model number 940420

This farm star disc harrow can be easily termed as a star in the world of harrows. Its versatility has no bounds and can be used setting the plants, gardening, landscaping, planting vineyards and lots more. It is essentially designed to be deployed behind tractors but thanks to its compact size and lightweight, it can be easily connected to a 250 cc (16 horsepower) ATV as well. Hence, it is one of the most suitable harrows for large scale jobs such as breaking hard soil or ground. 

The harrow has been designed with notched blades improving the overall efficiency of the product. These notched blades allow the users to ensure a certain level of penetration into the ground. You can also switch between transportation and operation mode seamlessly. The user does not need any secondary help when it comes to switching between the two modes. 

The discs have been optimized to work with 20 degrees of freedom, it measures a total of five feet and the cutting width is considered ideal. The best part is, it comes with a platform on the middle block that can also be used for putting cinder blocks or other things. 


  • The design is rugged, durable and sturdy.
  • It comes with a 60 inches large cutting width improving the overall efficiency. 
  • Transportation and maneuvering are easy. 
  • Seamless transition between modes. 


  • It cannot be used for backward towing. 
  • It cannot work efficiently on extremely hard soil. 

4.  Groundhog max atv disc plow : Groundhog GHMAXNOKIT ATV disc plow 

This Groundhog GHMAXNOKIT ATV Disc Plow is one of the most efficient and top-notch disc harrows on the market. It ships with a productive receiver kit that comes with a 2-inches angle and can be mounted under your ATV. Hence, the product features universal compatibility. Moreover. The device is designed such that it can be used with different types of hardware configurations. That means, it does ship as a disc harrow with 21 inches cutting width but can be converted in disc harrow with different configuration by adding new discs. 

As far as the cutting width and the efficiency of the device is concerned, this Groundhog GHMAXNOKIT ATV Disc Plow is known for its fast yet efficient performance. It not only breaks the soil-bound together aggressively but can also be used for setting up a fire break, tilling or aerating the land and for grooming the dirt. Unlike other disc harrows on the market, this one comes preassembled that reduced the hassle the users go through. Especially for first-time buyers who take a lot of time while assembling the harrow and usually don’t understand the direction of these discs and attachments. 


  • Can plow a 1-acre land in less than 4 hours. 
  • It has universal compatibility and comes with a number of ATV/UTV connectors. 
  • The installation is very easy. 
  • It can also be used to prepare the soil for seeding. 


  • It is extremely lightweight, hence has a wobbling issue. 
  • The trailer hitch is not very high quality.

5.  Field tuff atv disc harrow: Field tuff ATV-DH disc harrow for ATVs/UTVs

Until now, we were talking about disc harrows ideal for acres and acres of land. What about small gardens? Well! This Field Tuff ATV-DH Disc Harrow for ATVs/UTVs is ideal for small gardens and fields. On top of offering 33 inches working width, it is constructed using 2 by 2 inches high end, durable quality steel that improves the durability of the device. The harrow is designed for gardens and fields that are half acres or less. For larger fields, it will take a lot of time and will not perform efficiently. It comes with a two inches hitch that makes it universally compatible. It can be attached to all types of ATVs and UTVs. 

Since the unit is designed to be compact and lightweight, it is easy to transport and store. The axle features 0.75 inches diameter and is ideal for lawn preparation, small gardens, vineyards, row preparation as well as wildlife food plots. The tires are 12 inches wide and are pneumatic that are tough enough to endure the weight of the unit and to perform well throughout the life of the product. Hence you will not need to install new tires ever. The blades installed are 10 to 14 inches in diameter and can be replaced according to the user preference. 


  • Disc blade height can be controlled manually hence, the user decides the cutting depth. 
  • Lightweight and sturdy. 
  • The blades are sharp and replaceable. 
  • Easy storage and transportation.


  • It does not come with 0 degrees angle support. 
  • If it does not have any weight on it, it might bounce. 

6.  King Kutter atv disc: King kutter flip over disc 

Last but not least is this king Kutter disc harrow. King Kutter is one of the most renowned companies when it comes to gardening equipment and its harrows are considered the best on the market. If you have a huge piece of land to prepare and work on, this harrow is the one for you. It comes with disc blades with 16 inches diameter that will get the whole task done quicker and more efficiently. The square axle added to the system is 1-inch and ensures universal compatibility when it comes to the device’s installation. 

Apart from this, the overall cutting width of the device is 48 inches and its blades come with notched for most effective results. This way, all the crop residue, and weeds are broken properly without any misses. The cutting angle of freedom is 0 degrees and 20 degrees. Moreover, King Kutter Flip Over Disc’s hitch ball diameter is 1 7/8 inches, the blade thickness is 3 mm, and the square tube frame is 3 inches in width. The bearings and the discs are extremely easy to maintain on top of being durable and sturdy. 


  • The gang hangers are heavy. 
  • The disc diameter is large which means faster functionality.
  • Bearings are maintenance-free. 
  • The device is constructed using high end, corrosion, and rust-resistant steel. 


  • The device should have been slightly heavier for better performance. 
  • The assembly instructions are very bad. 

Chain Harrow Vs. Disc Harrow 

If you are familiar with Harrows and soil prepping, you will know that there are quite a few types of harrows being used to prep the land before cultivation. Some of the main types of harrows are:

  • Spring Harrows
  • Roller Harrow
  • Chain Harrow
  • Disc Harrows

Among these, gardeners mostly used Chain Harrows and Disc Harrows. 

What is a chain harrow? 

What is a chain harrow

A chain harrow is basically, a net-like harrow constructed using chains in a metal frame. Previously, farmers used to construct their own chain harrows but nowadays, you get plenty of options to buy from since many brands, along with other types of harrows, are manufacturing top-notch chain harrows. 

What is a disc harrow?

What is a disc harrow

A disc harrow, as the name suggests, is constructed using huge discs that have sharp cutting edges. These discs are designed to be concave in shapes and are set at an oblique angle to reach any crop residue inside the land. 

Difference between Chain harrow and Disc harrow 

Functional Difference 

Chain harrows as compared to disc harrows don’t have the ability to reach deep into the ground. They can only reach the upper three to four inches of the soil and aerate them. Disc harrow, on the other hand, have the ability to dig deep into the ground and remove the crop residue. The digging capacity of a disc harrow completely depends on the size of the discs. It can vary between six inches to 12 inches normally. Apart from this article, if you want to know more about drag harrow then you can also check our top chain drag harrow review 

Appearance Difference 

Aesthetically, the chain harrow looks like a fishing net with larger holes while the disc harrow looks like a long stick with plenty of bladed. 


Both types of harrows are extensively used, however, both have completely separate uses. The chain harrow is used to aerate the soil and lift an unwanted matter of the ground. Sometimes, gardeners also use it to spread matter such as fertilizers evenly in the field. Apart from being used for gardening purposes, chain harrows are also used for landscaping purposes and on baseball diamonds, mainly because they can easily break large chunks of soil. 

Disc harrows, on the other hand, are used to prepare fields and cultivation lands by chopping the crop residue and the weeds. As mentioned, the discs are designed to be concave, hence, after plowing, they efficiently break up the soil. Some disc harrows also come with an X pattern on the circumference, this helps in better soil mixing and soil spread out. 

Disc Harrow Buying Guide 

Disc Harrow Buying Guide

Before investing in a disc harrow, it is important that you consider a few factors to ensure you get the product that fulfills your needs. These factors are:


The efficiency of a disc harrow greatly depends on the diameter of the discs used. As mentioned, disc harrows are usually used for breaking the soil after it has been plowed. Disc harrows with larger diameter have a lower turnaround time and get the job done faster. If you are looking for something reasonably priced but don’t want to compromise on the efficiency, then go for disc harrows with 350 mm or higher diameter. 

Cutting width 

After the disc diameter, the second most important factor when it comes to the efficiency of a disc harrow is disc cutting width. The disc cutting width, like the diameter, also determines the speed and efficiency with which it wraps up and breaks the ground. A disc cutting edge of 50 inches or more is ideal for most gardeners. However, if you want higher efficiency, you can go for something higher but that will cost you more. 

Rust and corrosion protection 

Rust and corrosion resistance treatment is almost always overlooked by the buyers; however, it plays an important roll in the durability and sturdiness of the harrow. The working conditions of an ATV harrow, unfortunately, make it vulnerable to rust and corrosion. To make sure your investment does not go in vain, make sure the disc harrow comes with powder coated and galvanized metal construction. This type of construction ensures that the harrow is not susceptible to damage due to corrosion and rust. Moreover, even if you invest in a harrow that features proper rust and corrosion resistance treatment, make sure you don’t use it directly after rain. 

Tow bar 

The flexibility of a tow bar is extremely important since a disc harrow with a rigid tow bar cannot be set at an angle appropriate with the ATV. Flexibility is necessary in order to ensure the harrow is compatible with your ATV. Moreover, a rigid tow bar is more vulnerable to breakages and can also reduce the versatility of the harrow. Apart from this, the parallel linkage between the ATV and disc harrow also greatly depends on the flexibility of the tow bar. Another factor that you need to ensure is one pin mounting of the tow bar. This increases the overall convenience since it is easy to install and remove the harrow from the ATV. 

Compatibility with ATV tires 

Just like corrosion and rust resistance, the harrow compatibility with ATV tires is almost always overlooked. Harrows are very huge tools and ATV tires are comparatively small. Hence, they can only endure a certain amount of weight and pressure. If the harrow is too big or too heavy, the tires might give up. Thus, make sure that you invest in a harrow compatible with your ATV tires or add new tires to the ATV. Usually, 12 inches thick ATV tires work well for a regular-sized disc harrow. 


Choosing the right disc harrow can be tricky considering the vast variety of harrows available on the market. Hence, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to make the task easier for you. 

How can you ensure the quality of the harrow is top-notch?  

The quality of a harrow greatly depends on the construction material used. Ideally, a harrow should be constructed using high-intensity steel with a heavy gauge. The axle should be reasonably sized, installation nuts should be anti-skid and bearings should come with double-sealed groves. A harrow with features lower than this is not good quality and will only keep intact for a smaller time period. 

Do you need to get professional help for attaching the harrow to the ATV? 

Certainly not! Disc harrows are designed such that users can easily install them on the ATV. They come with a coupler hitch that is used to hook the harrow to the all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Every harrow comes with a differently sized coupler hitch though. Hence, make sure you check its compatibility with your ATV. 

Are all disc harrows compatible with my ATV? 

The manufacturers try to keep the sides of an ATV as flexible as possible. Each side has adjustable angles. Usually, ATV manufacturers give you 0 degrees to 30 degrees freedom, however, in any case, you should check the compatibility of the harrow with your ATV. 

Are disc harrow discs replaceable? 

In most cases, yes, discs of a disc harrow are replaceable. However, ideally, you should check this feature before investing in a disc harrow since blades go dull after regular use. Dull blades cannot efficiently break through the ground. 


Finding the best disc harrow for your garden or field is a pretty daunting task especially if you are a first-time buyer. Users who don’t give a lot of attention to the details end up regretting their choice. Hence, this article was all about helping you find the best and most efficient disc harrow that fits your needs. Purchasing your disc harrow after proper consideration and research will not only make things convenient for you but will also ensure proper prepping of the field after plowing. Make sure you evaluate the disc harrow based on the features mentioned in the buying guide and don’t forget to ensure the durability and sturdiness of the product. A non-durable device is of no use since it will not provide you with the efficiency you want and will also start breaking after a few weeks of use.

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