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Best Potato Grow Bags and Planter

Did you know – recent statistics show that, every year we consume about 110 pounds of potatoes per person? Whoa! That’s a lot right? We don’t find it unbelievable though. After all, potatoes are so tasty. It’s hard for our taste buds to resist all that deliciousness! From french fries to hash browns and wedges – potatoes are greatly attached to our everyday snacks! Now coming to the sad part – if each person consumes 110 pounds of potatoes every year, can you imagine how you’re losing a great amount of your money over just one vegetable? What if you can grow them in your garden or balcony? Not only will you save much of your valuable money, as well get to enjoy uncountable fresh potatoes whenever you want! Here’s an overview to guide you on how to grow potatoes in your homes using some of the best potato grow bags from our recommendation list!

Best Potato Grow Bags Reviews

If you want to give a quick look to our list then you can check below also…

  1. Overall best: TQQFUN SMART BAG
  2. Best value for money: Farmunion Potato Planter Bag
  3. Waterproof grow bag : Vinfact potato grow bags
  4. Fabric potato grow bag: No products found.
  5. Best plastic potato grow bags: No products found.
  6. Best affordable option: Cefrank potato grow bag
  7. Potato grow bag with handles: No products found.

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1. Overall Best: TQQFUN SMART BAG 

As you can see, this planter bag manufactured by TQQFUN is currently ruling at the top rank – and honestly, it deserves it! Here’s why :

This bag makes growing potatoes very simple and fun with its unique visualization velcro window. From your balcony, patios, terrace to garden – you can make use of it for both indoor and outdoor planting. Its thickened non-woven fabric and multi-layered stitching makes it sturdy and strong enough to hold upto 7 gallons of soil. Not only that, being just about 10.6 ounces, it’s very light-weight and can be easily moved around with the help of the two-side handles. Moreover, during the seasons when potatoes can’t be grown you can still utilize the bag for alternative purposes such as storing clothes or simply fold it off when idle. You don’t have to worry about over-watering because the bag will get rid of the excess moisture on its own. The bag is completely environment-friendly and you can use it over and over again for years. 


  • Eco-friendly material 
  • Long lasting
  • Double-layer design
  • Visualization window
  • Value for money
  • Breathable fabric


  • Soil dries out very quickly
  • Needs frequent watering
  • Not suitable for harvesting in bulk
  • Gets dirty and discolored at the bottom

2. Best Value for Money: Farmunion Potato Planter Bag 

This premium smart planter is here to give you the authentic taste of freshly home-grown potatoes without you having to dig the soil. Not only is it resistant to corrosion, heat and cold, but the nonwoven PE material this bag is designed with is also waterproof and pollution-free. In case you don’t know but this material is well known for its sturdy strength. Thus there is no possibility at all of the bag decaying or getting damaged and weary. Moreover, this bag has long durability for a minimum three years and can accommodate up to 10 gallons of soil. Having about 14.6 ounces of mass, the planter is very light-weight and you can fold it too for convenient storage when it’s no longer in use. 

On each side, there are reinforced handles equipped to help you carry the heavy bags around with ease. Ventilated holes here and there throughout the surface ensure high airflow and prune the soil. With drainage holes too at the bottom, your plants grow better by getting rid of excess moisture. There’s a flap window beneath which will allow you to conveniently pick out your potatoes and enjoy delicious french fries!  


  • Long sustainability 
  • Great drainage system
  • High ventilation
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • 3 packs in one purchase 
  • Velcro visualization flap


  • Overall size is small
  • Soil dries out at the bottom
  • Bit less space for tubers to grow

3. Waterproof Grow Bag: Vinfact Potato Grow Bags

WATERPROOF?!!Yes, you saw that right! The non-woven fabric material is waterproof in order to retain enough water for the plants to photosynthesize. However, if you accidentally over watered the plants, there’s nothing to worry about either, there are three holes at the bottom to lose extra water. There are more holes throughout too, which ensure better air flow and high ventilation to all the parts of the plants – the more oxygen your plant gets, the more will it respire! The fabric is very thick and stiff which makes the bag strong enough to be reusable for many years. There are double-stitched handles that help you to hold the bag firmly with your fingers and carry it around. 


  • Two packs in each purchase
  • Can hold upto 37 litres of soil
  • Flap window attached 
  • Holes for airflow and drainage
  • Double-layered stitching 


  • Handles may tear off
  • Bag becomes too hot
  • Gets really heavier

4. Fabric Potato Grow Bag: Tvird Potato Grow Bag

Available in different colors and sizes, this fabric potato grow bag does deserve a spot in your ‘try out’ list if you are planning to grow potatoes at home. This planter is suitable for both indoors and outdoors from balcony to garden.

No products found.

There is a visualization velcro window attached through which you can check on your potatoes – if they have ripened or need more time. Plus you don’t have to split open the bag, it’s easier to pick out through the flap. The fabric is breathable enough with double-layered stitching. Moreover, the planter bag is equipped with tough handles on the side to help you pick up and relocate its position. if required. Water can easily move in and out through the permeable fabric, so no worries about that either!


  • Sturdy and thick fabric
  • Resistance to decay
  • Visualization velcro window
  • Can hold upto 43 litres of soil
  • Drainage and ventilation holes  


  • May require frequent watering
  • Doesn’t trap enough heat for plants in winters
  • Non-appealing to the eyes

5. Best Plastic Potato Grow Bags: JLL American Grow Bag 

If you are interested in hassle-free potato harvesting, then we are sure you’re gonna love this grow bag!You don’t have to uproot the whole plant when reaping. All you need to do is simply get the potatoes out through the flap window. Easy right? If you are interested in growing potatoes for a longer period you’ll be happy to know that the grow bag has long-lasting durability and can last long for three years.

No products found.

Be it summer or autumn – the grow bag will ensure healthy plants throughout all seasons. Furthermore, each pack contains four bags which can accommodate upto 4-5 potato seeds/tubers each. The PE tough fabric is thick enough to hold upto 10 gallons of soil..and the bag is reusable over and over again which makes it suitable for all seasons in your country.


  • Foldable when not in use
  • Reinforced handles for moving around
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • High quality material
  • Velcro window
  • Drainage holes


  • Colour appears very bland
  • No attractive designs
  • Plants will require a lot of sunlight

6. Best Affordable Option: Cefrank Potato Grow Bag 

This unique grower bag by Cefrank is ready to come to your house at a reasonable rate. There’s a velcro window to help you keep an eye on the growth status of your potatoes. The bag is very lightweight, just about 10.4 ounces. And the sturdy handles ensure convenient transport.

The bag is waterproof too which helps the plants to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Furthermore, this bag is reusable and long-lasting, that means you can make use of it throughout all the seasons. The tiny holes at the lowest layer are meant to keep your plants moisturized to the right proportion and get rid of excess water. 


  • Can hold upto 10 gallons of water
  • High durability 
  • Tough polyethylene
  • Drainage holes
  • Access flap window
  • Two bags per pack


  • A bit smaller than it seems
  • Not stiff or thick enough

7. Potato Grow Bag with Handles: Joykoo Potato Grower Bag 

Joykoo is a famous agricultural brand well-reputed for its high quality harvesting tools. The company has earned a lot of appreciation so far. The next potato grow bag we present to you is manufactured by Joykoo! 

No products found.

The fabric they choose is very flexible and special felt material. Not only that they are  waterproof as well as breathable. This bag will therefore ensure high airflow throughout the root systems and prevent excess moisture from wilting the roots. Not only that, there are drainage holes at the bottom to get rid of the consequences of overwatering. This grower bag also has a visualization velcro window which allows you to harvest your potatoes directly without the hassle of digging out the soil. The multi-layered stitching and reinforced handles make the bag stiff and sturdy enough to hold up to 7 gallons of compost, also so that you can easily move or carry it around and relocate its position under various weather conditions. 


  • Felt material is breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to tears and decay
  • Prevents insects and pests
  • Visualization velcro window 
  • Drainage holes
  • Multi-layered stitching 


  • Not big enough
  • Not suitable for harvesting in bulk
  • Often soil dries out  

Advantage of Potato Grow Bags 

If you are a newbie into gardening and have been wondering what’s the point of using grow bags instead of plastic containers. Or just directly sowing the potato seeds in open soil – then this section is definitely for you. 

Give us Portability Option:

Giving you a scenario – it’s monsoon and the weather reporters just predicted it’s going to heavy rain this evening. What should you do now? If exposed to excess rainwater then your plant cells are gonna bloat! You can’t possibly dig out all the potato plants out of the soil and keep them aside till the rain is over, since that’s crazy and your garden will turn into a proper mess!

That’s when potato grow bags come to the rescue. They always have sturdy handles for you to relocate them and easily move them aside under different weather conditions.

 Visualization Window Option : 

Furthermore, you don’t have to dig out the soil every day to check on your potatoes and count their numbers. You can simply look through the velcro visualization window to harvest them or keep track of their condition. 

Smart Drainage Hole to Get Ride Excess Water: 

Moreover, even if your potato plants are outdoors beneath the open sky but sewed inside grower bags then heavy rains are hardly an issue. The grower bags will always be equipped with a few drainage holes at the bottom to get rid of any excess moisture, keeping your plants healthy.

Cost Effective and All Season Growing Option :

 Another point to be noted, potato grower bags are suitable for all seasons.They have these ventilation holes that enhance airflow and keep your plants cooler in summer also much warmer in winter. You must have definitely seen pests or insects attacking your potatoes if you sow them into the ground. However, with grower bags, not only do pests stay miles away but you don’t have to spend extra money on pesticides for your plants.   

Increase Air Flow : 

Grow bags are made up of special breathable fabric to allow free flow of air and prunes the roots. Whereas, traditional pots block air ventilation leading to encircled roots. 

Furthermore, potato grow bags are reusable and long-lasting because of their thick and stiff material. On the other hand, plastic pots are more prone to damage and short-lived. Ordinary plastics are not breathable and excess water cannot be discharged either which gives potato grow bags another advantage here. Grow bags are more of an aesthetic choice in terms of appearance and eye appeal in case you want to grow indoors.  

Important Things to Check Before Buying the Best Potato Grower Bag  

So many different brands! So many uncommon features. Each made up of a different material!

Which one to choose?! Don’t fret anymore, we got you covered!  

There are certain necessary features that should and must be present in order to grow healthy plants. 

Drainage Holes 

 Plants always breathe through their roots and if roots are exposed to too much water, they fail to absorb the required gases. That’s why always make sure your potato grow bag has little holes at the bottom to get rid of excess moisture. 

Ventilated Holes 

An ideal grow bag should have some extra holes throughout the surface too for a better airflow. It’s important for the roots to stay pruned with enough oxygen. 

Visualization Velcro Window 

Visualization velcro window

A velcro flap alone just makes the whole harvesting process a lot more easier. You can every now and then check up on the growth of our potatoes and harvest them the moment you feel like.

 Reinforced Handles 

Reinforced handles

This is a must. Double-stitched handles help you hold the heavy bags tightly and move them around if needed.

Tough Fabric 

Tough fabric

Be it be polyethylene or felt material, the grow bag should be thick and sturdy. It gives the bag high durability and happens to last longer by being resistant to tears or decay.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Question: When to harvest potatoes grown in a bag? 

Answer: Depends on the type of potato seed. But generally after three-four months. As soon as the plants start to turn yellow and grow flowers, know that the right time is two-three days later! 

Question: How long do potatoes take to grow in bags? 

Answer: Place two to three tubers in each bag and bury them in compost mix and back fill another layer of soil mix on top of that. Ensure proper sunlight and water them regularly. Within 3 weeks or so, they will have begun to shoot. 

Question: how many potatoes can I plant per bag?

Answer: Three to four potato seeds in each bag.

Question: What are the best types of potatoes to grow in a bag for high yield? 

Answer: Lady Christl, Casablanca, Golden Nugget, Maris Bard – can vary from eight to twelve potatoes per plant.

Question: How deep do potatoes grow in a bag? 

Answer: 8-9 inches deep.  

Question: How long can potatoes stay in the bag after the plant has died? 

Answer: For mature potatoes, wait for three weeks after the plant’s foliage has died. The upper parts of the plants need to have completely died before you begin harvesting.

Question: Will fertilizers affect the fabric of the grow bag? 

Answer: No. You can spray pesticides too if you want.

Question: What are the best fabrics for growing potatoes in bags? 

Answer: Felt, non-woven and pressed fabrics bags. However, you need to ensure that those are breathable and allow air ventilation. 

Question: Can you make your own potato grow bags? 

Answer: If you are crafty enough, sure.

Question: How many years will a grow bag last? 

Answer: Maximum three years.

Last Words: 

Potatoes are vegetables that are easy to grow. Packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals, they provide amazing health benefits that probably even you had no idea of. Potatoes play the role of antioxidants in our body by destroying potentially harmful radicals. When these radicals increase, they can increase the risk of different diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. If you have anyone in your family who suffers from these diseases, or if you have kids who love eating french fries on a regular basis and if you are fond of gardening, either way growing potatoes will definitely be an ideal choice for you.

And to make your hassles easier, these premium quality best potato grow bags from our recommendation list are hard to say no to! So thats all from this article. If you wish can also check our top strawberry planter review also, which is also good for indoor gardening.

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